Upper back pain after running

This is the first time I am posting in this forum, though I have been quite active in the Couchto5K forum. I have completed the C25K graduation - the forum has been wonderful with the support. I started on the Strength and Flex a little late, I am going into Week 3 today. I have two questions.

1. I had some upper back pain when I started running longer distances in C25k. There was a pain around the spine and the scapular bones. Someone recommended that I should take up S&F in parallel. It seems to have improved, but I still have some pain. I would like to hear about the experience of others who had similar pain.

2. I have weak buttocks and looking for any specific routines to firm up the muscles.


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  • I also get pain in my upper back which is uncomfortable when running. I put it down to too much lifting a few days ago. I find that pilates type 'roll downs' stretch my spine and that helps a little. I am doing S&F in parallel with C25K and the 'hugging a tree' stance is also helpful. i feel a pilates regime would help me the most. (I used to do pilates regularly and now miss doing it.)

  • Thanks Beek! Well, there is some improvement in the past week, so I guess I will continue with strength and flex and hope the pain goes off.

  • CouchCarrot,

    You could also think about taking shorter strides when you run and making sure you're not hunched or bent from the waist when running.

    For more running tips:


  • Hiya, CouchCarrot. ;-)

    Try this one for problem 2: 10-minute firm butt workout


    As for problem 1, S&F sorted out my upper back pain (early weeks of C25K) pretty quickly.

  • Hi con-brio, you are right. It is wonderful how such simple exercises can help alleviate this nagging back pain. It has been improving in the past few weeks. I will try and include some of the work-outs for my butt from the link you have given. Thanks!

  • Thanks all. I am getting into the Week 5 of the program. I am planning to include some additional workouts from the link above in my routine.

  • Strain, tight muscle, light physio

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