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Off to a good start - long may it continue!

I started C25K on Monday and discovered strength and flex last night so downloaded it and did the first session today, I really enjoyed it. I decided to do it indoors so was a bit stumped when it asked for a horizontal bar, I used my mantlepiece but don't think it was quite right, I will need to think that one through before my next session! I think it will do me good to get into the routine of doing the walk/runs 3 days a week and the strength and flex in between these sessions indoors. I will find it easier to fit this into my routine if I don't need to go out for these exercises and with the weather turning and seasons changing I think it would be hard to stay warm enough outside doing this compared to the c25k. Maybe by the end of this I will have the body of my dreams!!

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The body of our dreams, that's what I'm hoping for too, lol. Or at least no longer the body of my nightmare.


Hi kf96,

As an alternative to the mantlepiece or horizontal bar, you could use a door frame. Simply stand beneath a door frame and hold on to opposite sides of the door frame at shoulder height. Perform the same movement as directed in the podcast.

Good luck. Let us know if that helps!


A door frame makes more sense, thanks for that. I didn't feel like the mantlepiece was quite high enough. I am quite short so hope I can reach the doorframe!

AnnaDJ, it will at least help, I am ever the optimist! :-)


If you're tall enough to walk through a door frame, you're tall enough to reach it!


I'm lucky enough to have two doors just the right distance apart. So I open the doors and hold on to the frames of each, if that makes sense. I tried the mantlepiece too but mine is really slippery.


Lol! I totally read that advice wrong and thought I'd need to reach the top of the door frame!! Oh dear, maybe the exercise will improve my brain power too :)


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