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just starting and I have a question

I've just stumbled across strength and flex while googling how often you should exercise a week. I'm doing C25k (week 5 next week) but realise I need to work on strength too.

My question is regarding the podcasts. I've listened to the start of week 1 and it asks you to walk and do exercises at the same time.

I want to do these exercises at home so do you think it would be acceptable to walk on the spot and do the exercises?

I've not listened to the majority of the podcast so I don't know what else comes up. Will I be able to do all the exercises at home indoors?


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I did a lot of it at home - I couldn't rely on finding the right prop at the right time when I was out. I didn't walk on the spot (but can't particularly see why you shouldn't, it is just keeping you moving) just backwards and forwards along the landing or round the room.

Good luck! It is worth doing.


thanks for replying. I will give walking on the spot a try!


I've been doing S&F for nine or ten weeks now and I've always done it at home. Personally I find it easier to get up to a brisk walk by walking on the spot rather than around the house but both are fine.


thanks for replying! I try walking on the spot.


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