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I am a product designer who suffers from raynaud's in both my hands and feet. I am currently looking into designing a device that will reduce the pain and discomfort i feel from this condition. I would love to know how Raynaud's affects others daily life so I can design a product to suit others not just me.

I have also uploaded a survey to the link below with 5 questions. If anyone could help me out by giving me any information it would be greatly appreciated.

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  • All done :)

  • Done

  • me too :)

  • Also done. Very simple questions.

  • Thank you all :) I'll keep yous updated on my progress !

  • Done

  • All done good luck!

  • All done from me too - good luck and fingers crossed you come up with something great (not too crossed too tightly of course as that will just make my fingers go numb....!).

  • Thank you! I have a prototype atm that shuld help us if I can I'll put pics etc up of the finished product

  • Devlin - what a wonderful job to have !! I have completed the survey for you, and hope it helps. Made me realise just how much I actually do to prevent/help Raynauds attacks !

  • All done. Good luck Devlin - look forward to seeing the pics.

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