Heated gloves - research and pilot testing

Hi everyone.

I am conducting research into heated gloves.

After my research, I will be designing heated gloves specifically for you and those who also suffer from Raynaud's disease.

I've only seen bulky, black heated gloves in the market and wondering if anyone has bought a pair, used them and if so, what they thought of them.

If you have any suggestions, comments or advice and/or would like to participate in the pilot testing of my heated gloves, please email me at michelleqthua@gmail.com. I'd love to hear from you and work with you to design a product specifically for you.

Thank you.


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  • That's an interesting concept. The heated gloves are too bulky. I have just as big problems with my feet. Something heated for toes that can go in to shoes? When my feet are cold I can't sleep. I recently saw a TV programme regarding cloth that generates power. This would be great if this could be incorporated into the gloves/socks

  • Hi if you look on amazon you will find heated insole on there and they are on sale at moment .

  • Hi Shadows-walker

    Thank you for providing your comments to Nicky.

    Kind regards


  • Hi Nicky

    Thank you very much for your comments. I agree, the gloves are so bulky that when you put them on, you look like you're ready to ski! Do you remember the TV programme and what it was called? The cloth that generates power is very interesting especially because the batteries are so heavy and big.

    I'm looking at gloves first and if that works, I'll be looking into other products too.

    Thank you. Michelle

  • Hi MadewithGlove. I'm so glad you're looking into this! I can't wear the gloves as I have a child's size hand and they don't make them that small and they are also so bulky as you say. Your e-mail - Is that a g or a q? The cloth sounds interesting, hope you can find out about it. Wish you all success in this!

  • Hi Nettie545

    Thank you for contacting me. My email is michelleQThua@gmail.com.

    I too have small hands but long fingers and have to wear children's gloves too! The problem with children's gloves are they are too short so my wrists are exposed and the fingers are too short so my hands are in a position of a claw!

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


  • Hi Michelle

    I am a long-time user of all sorts of heated products! The big problem with gloves is indeed their bulk and the need to fit and the inevitable need to remove them sometimes to use my hands for something fiddly, like dealing with money or using keys. I have worked out by trial and error that it is better for me to use an electrically heated jacket or belt (Exo) and that way convince myself that I am warm in the core, so less likely to have an attack affecting fingers, and use a combination of fingerless gloves underneath mittens, and having access to something like Hot Rox or other form of portable instant heat. The warmth at the core trick also works for my feet but I do additionally resort to heated insoles from November - March - but some of these brands are frankly awkward with the wires/batteries and the connections can be susceptible to being pulled out. Developing wireless technology and also power that lasts for the duration of a full day would be fantastic for all areas of the body. If I go out for the day I find it is still best to use a stick on heat pad on my belly or back because it lasts for 12 hrs. Carrying charged spare batteries for my insoles and jacket is pretty cumbersome! I look like the Michelin Man as it is with all my layers of clothing! Also I'd love a technology that I can use if I need to go through a security system - I would be arrested if I used a heated jacket, for example!! Oh the joys of dealing with this! I always treat myself to a new piece of electrical kit at the start of every winter, and every year there is a new development. Do remember that the market out there is much bigger than just us Raynauds people - what about people riding motor bikes and horses, gardeners and anyone doing outdoor activities ? (or stacking the chill shelves in supermarkets) . By the way I do require an active source of heat - silver garments don't do much for me as I find the heat needs to be there in the first place in order to trap/ reflect. Once hands and feet are cold there's not much to be gained by insulating them further, until they are warm again. Prevention of the cold-strike is better than the treatment of it! I don't want to give out my email address on this forum but please let me know how I can contact you and I will happily advise/test.

  • Hi Coldfeet

    Thank you very much for your detailed email, suggestions, advice and time in writing me a detailed email. I really appreciate it.

    My email address is MichelleQThua@gmail.com. I'd like to discuss all your suggestions further so that we can come up with something that suits all your needs!

    Many thanks


  • Something thinner and that allows you to grip would be fantastic. And maybe something heated that would allow you to put on creams or oils at the same time? Like most the heat reflecting or the stuff for Arthritis do me no good as there needs to be heat to reflect. But something that is just a nice all over heat, especially in the finger tips. As this is where the attacks are the most severe and I find the gloves just don't help very much.

  • Hi Uknlv

    Thank you very much for your response. I was wondering about the Arthritis gloves and whether or not they would be useful.

    With the creams, can you please explain this further? Would you have the gloves on or off when putting on the creams?

    Sorry for the confusion!


  • Hi Michelle

    I got heated gloves from hospital some years ago I found they were to bulky and did not work next I changed to hot rox fantastic or so I thought till month later they stopped working luckily I got them refunded since then I wear silver gloves and combined finger mittens would be great if you were able to design leather smart not bulky gloves also tried battery ones rubbish .

  • Many thanks Britty for your useful comments. If you're interested in becoming involved at a later stage, please email me on michelleQThua@gmail.com and I can put your name down.

    Hope to hear from you.


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