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Is there anything to help the pain??


I have Raynaud's in just my left foot and over the past few days its becoming more and more painful when I walk, the strongest pain is in the ball of my foot but it sends sharp pains up my shin into my knee :( is there anything that will help with this pain? I thought walking and exercise would be good for my foot and get the circulation going better but it's making it worse and making me want to sit down all day!!

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i have exactly the same, i found ibprofen helps, its really good once it gets going. hope this helps!


My Raynaud's is predominently my feet, same thing - spirals up to knees and hips and then rest of the body (the pain). Rheumy said it was good to exercise regardless of the pain as in fact it doesn't harm you in any way. Though hurts.

Hi Jogoody.It may be you need to see a podiatrist to get insoles for your shoes or have shoes made for you by the hospital.Sometimes the pain further up the leg is due to placing your feet down in a unnatural way which makes thing worse.Take care with self medicating as not everyone can take certain tablets and medicines.Have you had X-rays or examination of your foot.I have suffered for a number of years with mine and found specially made shoes a great help.I have CREST syndrome and under a rheumatologist who referred me for my special shoes.I really feel for you it is misery.Take care.

Hi jogoody..........I feel the pain with you and know exactly how you feel.........the pains I suffer drives me to distraction.......please seek help from your GP and ask him/her to prescribe you something more effective for the pain...........also ask for a referral to the pain team at your local hospital......pain specialist can prescribe you something to help control your symptoms, or request Xrays and scans to aid diagnosis...., ...remember you also have the support from your Raynauds and Scleroderma nurse specialists......,,.these nurse specialists are worth their weight in nurse specialist has provided me with valuable information and has liaised with my consultant whenever I have had a problem that has required urgent or specialized care........ don't suffer !!! ....please seek medical advice......remember you have the right to prescribed analgesia and expert medical care, don't be afraid to wishes, and I hope you feel better soon xx

Now I see at last you can get raynauds in 1 foot only, I have pain in my left foot and was wandering if it was related to raynauds, I usually on suffer with hands and take nipedine for this. The pain is usually on top of foot and swells slightly compared to other foot, it also feels tight in this spot and tightness and pain on back of heal. Think I should mention this to my rheumy, not sure if its work related as stood on my feet for 8 hrs per day..

Hi Jogoody - I too had (and still do have) pain in the balls of my feet, especially the left one. But since about 2001 I have had insoles made for me at the hospital and the relief is tremendous - I can walk over loose gravel, the textured paving they put at crossings, and anything else the roads throw at me without pain!!! OK, I have to wear shoes that are deep enough and either have laces or a strap high up on the instep so they stay firmly on your feet, but you can even get some reasonable looking ones thse days with a bit of a heel (I still do sometimes mourn the fact that I can't wear stilettos but I'm 57 now and it doesn't really bother me - I used to fall off the things every so often in any case!).

I like Hotter shoes (you can find them on the web) as the insoles are removable and you can get (as I said) some that I, for one, actualy feel good in - and not like a granny: though my everyday shoes are just plain black lace ups.

Actually, you've given me a timely reminder, have had my current pair of insoles for over 12 months now and I need to phone and make an appointment to get some new ones.

Good luck.


i've had raynauds for over 50 yrs not much of a problem to start with but as the yrs go by the pain has got worse and worse,,as u expect really, the pain in my feet often keeps me awake at night ,i have pain in most joints ,,the insoles that were made ,made it worse in my back and that pain almost stops me walking,,my rheumy said i have osteoarthritis and ignored about raynauds ,asked for another rheumy and she said what was wrong with the last one,when i explained she said well thats right u have osteoarthritis and that was it...thats in their report to my doc so thats it....again ...i'm thinking now i must try private maybe the royal free....

Hi all thank you so much for the advice, I am taking ibuprofen every 4 hours but this isn't helping very much, I'm pain free if I'm sat still its when in on the move I get pain, it feels like walking bare foot across a rocky path!! I haven't seen an rheumatologist yet I'm hoping the doctor refers me to one ASAP! It's nice to know its not just me that's suffering and I'm bit alone :) x

Hi Jogoody

I have Raynauds, osteoarthritis and Sjogrens, as well as neuropathy in my feet. I remember being in agony with the pain when walking. My rheumy started me on Celebrex for the osteo/Sjogren's pain, and my GP started amtriptyline for the neuropathy. Together with Nifedepine for the Raynauds, these drugs have controlled the pain. I also have insoles for my shoes.

I hope you get the right treatment soon, as walking on such sore feet is just miserable.



Hi Jogoody,

Like yourself my feet have been a major problem, I have very little fat on the sole of my feet plus the poor circulation in my right foot and I too see a podiatrist for orthotics combined with regular visits to a chiropodist and this has made a great difference to the quality of my life as I hobbling around because of walking on stones in my shoes and life was pretty miserable. The pain has overall generally eased and made walking comfortable however if in certain situation such as recently in shopping centre which has cold floor tiles I had an attack on Raynauds in my right foot (and I wished I hadn't left my second pair of socks on). I am currently recovering from an ulcerated toe which is not helping and as of course we all know neither is current weather.

Good luck.

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