Hello, is anybody happy to fill in a short questionnaire about their experience with Raynaud's please?

Hello, I am a Graphic Design student currently in the final year of my degree. I have mild Raynaud's and I am working on a project to help raise awareness of the condition.

Is anybody happy to fill in a short questionnaire about their experience with Raynaud's?

Please find the link below, thank you.



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  • All done :)

  • Thank you very much that's great! :)

  • Done as well...

  • All done good luck x

  • Done :)

  • Thanks for the survey...Hope my responses help! =)

  • All done - but youdon't say wheyther you mean primary or secondary raynauds ? or both ?

  • Thank you for taking part! Sorry for not clarifying, I mean both primary and secondary.

  • Big thank you to everyone who has taken part so far :), your answers are really helpful.

  • DoNe...what is your project? how will it bring more awareness?~debi~

  • Hello, thank you so much for taking part.

    I'm still in the researching stage, so I am not yet certain what form the project will take just yet. I am hoping to create a campaign. Once I have a better idea of my final outcome I will put something up on here. Thanks :)

  • Done.

  • Hope this helps.

  • Done too. As I've never been to a GP to have it confirmed that I am a sufferer. Is it something I should do? And what's the difference between the primary and secondary conditions. I do suffer quite severely with it. And doesnt take a bug drop In temp to have an attack. Many thanks.

  • Spot270. I would suggest that you do visit your GP and ask to have a blood test to confirm that you do have this and also if there is any other underlying conditions associated with it. Your GP can also advise you of any medication that will help you to cope with the condition. Good luck.

  • Hi. I've recently been diagnosed with haemochromatosis and had more blood tests and venesections than I can bear. My point is is there any benefit from a diagnosis. Can this condition be improved? I've lived with it all my life it's just how it is for me.

  • Raynaud's cannot be cured or improved, but with help you can prevent it deteriorating quicker

  • Deteriorating!! What do you mean? I can/will get worse?

  • Haha...hahaha...mwahaha. ...couldn't resist. For most people it won't get worse really. Sure you'll get colder hands and feet perhaps but it shouldn't deteriorate that quickly. (Well unless you're me but I'm a bit weird).

    It's possible but unlikely to get worse is what I'm trying to say. If you've lived with it for years and haven't noticed much of a change then you should be fine. You can take Nifedipene to stave off some of the symptoms (take a look into Ginkgo Biloba and thing about making cups of tea with it if you don't want the prescription).

  • O.o uhm... while there can be some markers, there's generally not a blood test to check for Raynaud's Syndrome. (Mine came back all clear for example yet I'm still hear, dictating with numb hands).

  • Survey completed. Thank you for taking the time to create this. I wish you well. Keep us all updated of what happens.

  • Thank you for taking part and yes I will keep you updated with the project :).

  • I have just completed your questionnaire but find it hard to believe a student can finance a survey via a specialist on line market research agency such as Survey Monkey.

  • Thank you for taking the time to fill in the survey.

    I am a student and anyone can use Survey Monkey for free with its most basic questionnaire settings, it only costs money if you want to upgrade your account.

    Thanks again.

  • All completed.. Thanks for this survey and I hope it may help Raynaud's patients in the near future.. All the best and I hope your project is very successful..

    It would be awesome to see your feedback/result if at all possible..?

  • done

  • Done - good luck trying to make sense of all our different issues/ideas on this !!

  • Done x

  • Thank you :) x

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