Blobs tiny blood vessels near the cuticles

I have really bad raynauds I been to my rheumatology and they said my tiny blood vessels near the cuticles have got blobs I had to have bloods done getting worried now got to have iloprost but what are these blobs they said not to worry

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  • Hi Pantersgirl74 - sorry no idea :(

  • They are Nailfold capillary dilations, which can be an indicator of Scleroderma, which is why they are sending you for blood tests. The good thing is is that they are checking it out for you.

  • Thank you inkedup

  • I have the same blobs but it just means they suspected that I can develop an autoimmune disease. I have had Raynauds for since I was 29 (I am 50 now) and so far this has just meant lots and lots of tests but thankfully no sign of any autoimmune disease yet :)

  • They are the proof that you have Renaud's and your blood vessels at your extremities don't quite work.

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