got refused today back to jsa but i have 2 months of a sick note left so thats going to be fun down the job centre, when i phoned for a appointment he said are you looking for work, i said i have a sick note and just been refused esa, he said but you can only clam if your looking for work, so i said it dont stop me looking durch. so lets see whats what at the interview bet they wont have a scubee and i'll be screwed. let you know the outcome in a couple of days. O what fun we have in later years.

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  • I'm about to try for ESA, after having to give in and finally give up my be-loved Ballet teaching. How long did you have to wait for an answer please?

  • this was at the appeal stage so all on all arond a year so far . when you apply at some point you go to atos to get checked then you wait for reply then if it says no you can appeal but get in in quick as you have a time limit then wait for a date .

  • HelloGlyn, it does seem very dificult to get ESA. Did it replace long term incapacity Benefit. I am not up to date with benifits now as I am retired. Are there any agencies that could help you with an apeal. It is worth apealing. Can Citizens advice help? In Lancashire where I live we have Lancashire Welfare Rights. They help out with form filling and apeals.

    I know if you feel like I do most days it would be impossible to hold down a job. However I am retired now My sympathy,

    Best Wishes


  • it confuses me as i was not in employment i was advised to go on to esa from the job centre as they told me i would not get a job, my local advise place did not want to know as they have never won a case with raynards so i went alone. I am going to see what the job centre say's and if needed it will be citerzen's advise i think.

  • Hello again Glyn do you have GP or a specialist. Could they give you a supporting letter? Raynauds can take over your life. You would need to work in a very special environment. I

  • A PS, Sorry my computer hung up. It is obvious the person assessing you for ESA. has no understanding of the condition. My sister in law thought it was just tingling. There is a lot of ignorance about this condition. Some supporting information might help you win you case.

    Good Luck


  • the problem is as i'm not to bad in the summer just air con etc as they say it do's not effect me on a day to day base'es as yet to be a problem . but then they dont have the problem just know the effects and not the continued mental effects on your day to day life of will it wont it.

  • Sorry, but i have scleroderma (with raynauds) hypothyroidism, primary biliary cirrhosis and sjogrens syndrome and i work full time in a very demanding role. I,m not sure why people who have raynauds feel that they cant work? Tell me to shut up if you want, but i couldnt bear not to work!

  • its ok its still a democratic country,( just) and i understand, i can go and find a job its getting the job . when the job centre told me with my age and probs they left me in no doubt that , that was that , . if your in work and managed to carry it though all this time without probs good oxford's a funny place for employment . i cant return to my trade and with my acid reflux and dvt i can just manage my hobby as a bugler with 7 rifles(ta)unpaid . i know it sound's funny of sort's but it's the employer's view's at the end of the day that count.

  • I was on Incapacity Benefit for 4 years and then when the government changed it over to ESA was only allowed to be on ESA one year. They cut my benefits to £14.27 a fortnight. So now I cannot afford gas or electric, or the shortfall between my rent and housing benefit. I can only wish you good luck in sorting things out.

  • I have just been awarded ESA as I have been suffering with Raynauds. I lost my job a year ago and have not had any luck finding work since. The job centre advised me to go on this as I have been unwell over this year and have not been able to gain any control over the Raynauds symptoms leaving me very exhausted. I feel my Raynauds has become even worse due to not working, as stress has a huge part to play with this condition. At least I am volunteering when i am well. I think it is the only thing that keeps me sane. Good luck Glyn with the job centre as i know too well how unsympathetic they can be.

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