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Hi everyone wandered if anyone out there can help with this. my hands keep going a dusky blue and Veins? capilleries? suddenly seem to blow causing severe pain then swelling and several days of being very tender and looking like a bruise. Happens quite a lot in fingertips, is it caused by the Raynauds? I am still waiting to see rheumaatologist but my GP has given me nefederpine. Thanks in advance because I know somebody will respond

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  • No, sorry. Never heard of it.

  • It sounds very much like circulatory problems, which would be the Raynauds. When you say your veins blow, is there actual bleeding or just that dreadful pain when the blood begins to circulate again?

  • Hello, yes I have had this too, although not for a while. I mentioned this to my specialist, but he just said that it was a burst capillary and didn't seem very concerned. However it did occur to me that if this is happening on my fingers, is it happening elsewhere inside my body. Or is it because the fingers are so often in spasm.

  • I have this in my feet, 24/7 - been on Nifedipine 2 x 10mg a day after four weeks stopped as it was far worse :( and now two weeks trying again on 1 x 10mg

  • Hello all thanks for responses to SandraMarie yes they burst under the skin become swollen very painful eventually goes blue/black like a bruise stays like that for about 7 10 days does not go green yellow like a bruise would just seems to fade away. Have had it happen this last week in same place same finger twice, both times was not using my hand s to do anything so not caused by any pressure Bizarre

  • Mine is similar, in that all the right hand fingertips are red, odd nail beds, and unremitting peeling of several top layers because of peripheral circulation failure. I LIVE on advanced healing bandaids as my "skin" but the pain of even touching things WITH this is nonstop The top layers of skin are never healed. I NEED an IL doctor willing to explore this, but the current practice is to bounce us around and medically neglect us. I have renal damage, so I refuse to take anything that's not been round a decade. Makes it HARD when all of the docs are bought or at least controlled by pharma companies. I want a vascular test to prove this issue. Wish me luck.

  • Hi TwiseShy just like you am a bit fed up with the rounds I have needed to do to get any answers. I have another question what is an IL doctor.but whatever it is if you need one hope it happens soon for you Best wishes to you

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