Scleroderma & Raynaud's UK (SRUK)

Does anyone suffer from brown patches on their hands and feet (I think I have been told they are damaged/leaking blood vessels?)

They appear as itchy/painful white spots and then seem to turn into dappled brown patches. I was just wondering if anyone had had them and/or could advise any creams or remidies? As I seem to be getting two or three new patches every day andit's affecting the functionbility of my hands because they are quite sore and driving me a bit dippy!

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Not on my hands or feet but I do have brown dappled patches on my forearms. I've never really investigated what these are, they started off as very itchy patches a few years ago but rarely itch now and don't seem to be getting any bigger or spreading. I use a very intensive moisturiser (fragrance-free) for dry skin which seems to help.


I get them but they are usually the start of Morphea or Lichen Sclerosis patches, which are associated with my Scleroderma. I found that using a fairly oily based cream works the best for the itch as well as the dry patch. You can find some good ones where the baby treatments are, as the stuff for diaper rash works very well on these types of patches, for me anyways! I hope you get some relief and perhaps mention them to your doctor, I have a strong steroid that I use as well when the spots get particularly bad.


Thanks for the advice and its reassure to hear other people have this too!.. I did mention them to my consultant last week and he didn't really seem to have any interest/think it was of concern but will definatly mention it again if they continue to bother me.

I have Systemic Sclerosis Scleroderma but do have small patches of Linear so who knows what my body is up to! .


hi i have scleroderma and i have the brown type marks on my legs and feet they are related to the blood my doctor told me i am under dr anderson who is a really good scloro dr she deals with patients all over the world and is great with treatments with this i went a couple of weeks ago to the labs for tests regarding this and there will be medication coming soon for it hope this helps and mabe you should ask your dr to refare you to her regarding it she is fab and really only deals with sclero and raynards tc annmarie


I too have blotches on my hands-on the back. From your question it seems that you have many more than I. Mine responds to the light. That is, they always change colors at night. In the daytime the colors are muted and have

a light brown to dark brown hue which has some light purple mixed in. At night they are very dark . There are also smaller darker blotches within the larger ones.

I have one on each hand. Each extends from one side of the hand to the other and starts just above the wrist and goes up to my knuckes.I wish I knew what caused them. Several years ago, I just looked down and there they were.

They don't multiply and they don't hurt. They just sit there and look ugly!


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