Does anyone else suffer with varicose veins and small blood vessels just under the surface of their skin, which make your legs/feet sore?

Does anyone else suffer with varicose veins and loads of small blood vessels just under the surface of their skin which make your legs/feet sore, achy and at times swollen?

I'm 28 and really suffering. Ive recently been diagnosed with raynauds and wondered if it could be at all related? I first noticed a small red patch on my foot awhile ago now and didnt really pay any attention to it. However over time it has grown and now covers 70% of the top of my right foot along with the starts of a varicose vien, a patch about 5cm on the inside of my right ankle, the start of two other patches about the size of a £2 coin on my right leg, another one on my left leg and a patch on my left foot which is about 4cm. It looks like a rash but when I run my finger over it you can clearly see its blood vessels. (My sister is convinced an alien is going to appear from my right foot as its so red, patchy and bumpy with veins etc). My right foot especially causes my fair amount of discomfort which is worse when my feet are warmer. Ive got a review with my doctor wednesday. He previously said to try some compression tights or knee highs and to keep my feet up as much as possible. The tights just make the aching pain more focused and because they keep my feet warmer they hurt more. Raising my legs helps, although if they are sore I have them raised on pillows all night to get rid on the aching. Does anyone else suffer the same sort of thing or can shed some light on it?

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  • I dont have that, well at least I can not see anything there. I do have calcification in my feet, but that only shows on xrays 8)

  • Thanks for replying. My doctor does know either. He isn't sure if its linked to raynauds or not. Got to have some blood tests done and being refered to a dermatologist to see if they can give me some more infomation and help.

  • I don't have varicose veins but I do have very restless legs for which my doc has recently prescribed Amitriptyline. My rheumatologist said not to wear the flight type socks as my blood had enough trouble getting round with the Raynauds!! I also have small blood vessels under the skin on my face but not on my feet, feel I need to cover them up all the time which gets very boring don't want to look like I've got inch thick makeup!

  • Had varicose veins since very young, have many venous malformations but so far mainly superficial. Surgery hasn't helped much as they regrow.

  • I thought Id just do a bit of an update. I've recently had my appointment with dermatology. I went up and the doctor I saw wasn't sure what it was. he asked another doctor to take a look as well. They said it could be a few things. I've had a load of blood taken to try and rule out something's that can be related to reynaud's. They said it could be damage to my blood vessels because of reynaud's. Also mentioned it could be varicose eczema. As well as the blood tests they are doing, they have taken a photo of my feet for record, I've been prescribed some eumovate cream which is a steroid cream to apply thinly once a day and I've got a review in 6 months. Any ideas on what i should look out for to feedback then? Throughout the summer I've hardly had any discomfort however the past couple of weeks have been I different story. I'm afraid I'm going to have a winter of stiff, tight and uncomfortable feet....

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