Gloves that work with the iPhone?

Being that this autumn has turned rather chilly, I have been searching high and low for gloves that will allow me to use my iPhone. The one's that were suggested to me were the ones that are 'mitten' like, or fingerless, which as we all know, would be no good.

Any ideas and/or links would be greatly appreciated. Would be great if the shipping and delivery costs weren't too high either, but that's just me being cheap :P

Thanks in advance :)

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  • Try, there are online shops that sell fingerless gloves-I'm thinking of asking to have a regular one made and then my 'dialing finger', second finger and thumb left open on the other. I'll have my pinky and ring finger covered, too, of course.

    I'm going to see whose prices look the most reasonable and then approach her for my special gloves. This would look better than cutting the fingers off a regular pair and watching them fray all winter.

    BTW, some shops have free shipping, too. And you'd better let her know you're a male or she might make them really femmy. :-O

  • Thanks, I had a look but I really need all my fingers covered otherwise I get an attack. They look nice though, thanks.

  • You need to type really fast to beat the cold. Just kidding, of course. I found some in a catalog but now I'm intersted in the ones that dawng8500 is talking about. Good luck to you!

  • Hi, I also suffer from Reynauds's with my Scleroderma. I have found that leather English riding gloves offer me good protection during the cooler days of Fall and Spring, yet allow me the dexterity necessary. If you're not familiar with the fit, go to an equestrian store, and try on. They will fight tighter, at first, but loosen up just perfectly with daily use. Mine have a light lining inside. I love them!

  • I don't have an iPhone but I do use a touch screen smartphone. I use the silver gloves available from the Raynaud's Association to great effect.

  • We have had reports at the RSA that the silver gloves work with iPads, iPhones etc - I have used them on a touchscreen phone also and found that they work.

  • Thank you, I have ordered a pair from the RSA website and look forward to wearing them.

  • Yeah I ordered a pair and they work great, a little bit thinner than I expected but the silver works great to keep hands warm. I'm very impressed.

  • Try silk gloves from Decathlon. They are £6..99 a pair and their own brand (Quecha). They have shops, or you can buy on line.

  • I have seen some gloves on which sound as if they might be what you are looking for. They are Highlander Adult Touch Screen Texting Gloves, and it looks like they have small pads of a different material on the thumb and index finger. They come in S/M and L/XL and are £7.99 a pair. Sorry I don't know how to send a link, but they should be easy to search for.

    The picture only shows the palm of the right hand glove, but I would imagine they are on both, to cater for us "lefties". If anyone does get a pair perhaps they could let me know if they are on both!

  • I saw the ones that you are on about and they look nice, I've now ordered a pair from the RSA website and a cheapy pair for just now.

  • I also spotted these which were for skiing and wondered what they would be like

  • Sorry the link didn't carry transfer completely . Will try again

  • The lnk works

  • Thanks for the link, but they aren't quite what I'm looking for. Thank you for the effort though! :)

  • I have a touch screen Mp3 player and the silve gloves from this site work fine. I am going to look at that site that Recsma put as a custom pair that covered all but the index and thumb would be fantastic!

  • I know where you can get some from - The shop called The works (its a cheepish shop that mainly sells books) they have some especially designed to work on touch screens, really cheap. Also debanhams had some. They do work on touch screens really well. The main draw back for me is that they are no where near warm enough - i have to wear really decent ski gloves at the moment just to try to keep things at bay. But maybe they will work for you!


    Gloves lined with silver, only $17.99, and they work great with touch screens!

  • I have Raynaud's and suffer almost each day with attacks. I bought the agloves and love the!. I am able to wear them at work and use the computer no problem and they work great with smartphones too.

  • I have seen them in The Works(the cheap book shop) at Milton Keynes. Not sure of the price. They are normal gloves with special coating on finger tips.

  • Just a heads up for those still looking at this thread.

    I found this site

    I thought "Great! Just what I'm after, not wool and touch screen compatible!" I ordered two pairs, one for me and the other for my partner. I placed my order on the 8th November, I'm still yet to receive notification of shipment. It's now 3 weeks.

    I sent an email to the support team who informed me that my order will be shipped on Friday, which means another 3-5 business days for delivery.


    The gloves from the RSA work absolutely brilliantly! :D

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