Full or Fingerless Gloves?

More of a poll really for those who have tried the RSA Silver gloves. I have a pair of both full and fingerless gloves and to be honest the full pair make my fingers freeze. So which do you prefer the full or the fingerless?

Of course this can just be for general gloves/mittens too ^_^

Edit. Feel free to answer, imma just go and suggest this as a poll -.- cus I just spotted that bit.

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  • I have both and use them for different purposes - I'm a medical secretary so use the fingerless ones at work, as the full finger ones wear thin if I use them fortyping. I use the full finger ones as a lining for gloves and for occasions when I'm not working.

  • I find that they make my fingers cold too. They are only any good if they are used for a lining for gloves, then my hands are warm and toasty.

  • Hi - I use both too. Fingerless for typing etc and the full finger under my gloves for cycling - but I know that your hands need to be warm before you put on the gloves .

  • I'm interested in opinions also as i do not item any of these types of gloves! I usually have to have,hand warmers in regular gloves!

  • I absolutely recommend the fingerless versions in and around the home! I hadn't really thought about using full finger gloves as linings for thicker gloves though, so I have something to experiment with now too.

  • I prefer the fingerless ones, I can do quite a few jobs without having to take them off. I put mittens over the top with hand warmers when I am out and about. I also have a long wristwarmer with no fingers and just a slit for the thumb. This is very easy to turn back when I need to wash my hands.

  • I have both, i'm the same as alot it seems and use fingerless for typing @ work. Must admit i also have thick fingerless gloves that then can be made into mittens with a flap thats attached ideal for me as i have rhinnitis (runny/blocked nose alot) and have to take gloves off which murders has nyone tried the silver gloves as was going to buy some for myself and my Mum (for part f her crimbo pressie as she also has rynauds)

  • I use only the full silver gloves and put in hand warmers inside if necessary, and occasionally use other gloves on top.

  • i have magic gripper gloves for work....full fingers for some jobs an fingerless for ther jobs...they rel good and help keep my hands warm...i've not tryed the silver gloves as i heard lot of people say they no good...i also have some fingerless with the mitten bit on they good to...so i use both..xx

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