Raynaud's Summer Running Gloves help


I am a runner.  My raynaud's goes to both the white/yellow/purple cold extreme to the red swollen extreme often.  The red/swollen part happens every time I run.  On top of being painful, it is very noticeable and embarrassing.  Living in the city I am constantly passing through crowds of people.

This is okay in the winter bc I can cover the hands up with gloves.  But in the summer, the gloves look pretty crazy when wearing a tank or tee and also are too warm.

Does anyone know of a glove that is open-finger, skin-toned (I am a peach color), lightweight and breathable (even a mesh would work)?

At this point I am not concerned as much with the pain as I am the notice-ability bc it is really messing with my run vibe.

Thank you for all suggestions ahead of time!!!!

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  • Hi, I'm not sure about the gloves, but my rheumatologist asked me pointedly if my raynauds was worse during my training (mine isn't) I'm not sure of the significance  but it may be worth mentioning it to your doctor next time you see them just in case 

  • Yes I have not been to the rheumatologist in about 5 years tbh.  When I did see him he prescribed me a weekly high dose vitamin d.  

    Been getting it refilled by my pcp since however ran out of refills a couple months ago- about the time this hand situation got worse than usual.  Seems he was on to something and I believe it would be worth it to give another visit.  Thank you, Bear.

  • I agree - its a shame I only see my rheumy once a year and I've just recently seen him otherwise I'd ask for you what the significance was! 

  • Hi i'm a cyclist and runner too, its worth remembering that intense exercise will draw blood from peripheries to core so everyone loses some bloodsupply to hands & feet when running. I find nifedipine a revelation ive had no colour changes since i started and hands often feel toasty, feet not so good still have to sleep in down booties! you might find these gloves help they are light coloured, fairly warm and Rays uk get a cut of the cash> healthunlocked.com/sruk/pos... 

  • Silver...this is interesting.

  • Sorry can't help with the gloves. Have you tried taking Turmeric Golden paste to help your circulation, it's all natural, you make it yourself and very cheap. I started taking for knee pain but got this added benefit and have been able to stop my Adalat meds for Raynauds. A GP friend has tried it and can't believe the results! If you are interested have a look here turmericlife.com.au for lots of info and recipe. 

  • can't hurt to try so I will!

  • I'm a runner too and suffer with Raynauds, but instead of trying to get gloves to hide your hands, go for the most brightly coloured you can find, people will look at your gloves instead of your fingers - but also you should not worry about what people think, it's keeping yourself warm that's important, be proud :)

  • this is awesome : )

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