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Prof HERRICK (Salford Royal) Dr McKENNA (Trafford) and the RSA

I was in Salford Royal (Hope Hospital) for 10 days in April '11 until Easter Sunday.. yet again!! For some reason its usually pre Easter or pre Xmas I end up in hosp. But I can't complain, its good to know that when needed I'm in quick and getting sorted.

Prof Herrick and all her team must be commended for their work regarding Raynaud's and Scleroderma. They all do a brilliant job with patient care and research of these complex diseases and have helped me enormously over the years.

Dr McKenna, and his team at Trafford GeneraI first diagnosed me 18yrs ago and whom I'm very fortunate to also have as my consultant. They are always there for me whenever I need to see someone urgently hence I am always more than willing to volunteer to help in their studies, trials and with student training and examinations.

I have to mention too the fantastic care as an in-patient I have received over the years from both hospitals where the staff are all very understanding and make these regular stays so much easier to endure.

Also a big thankyou to Anne Mawdsley and all at the RSA for their work raising funds for research and the associations regular newsletters with lots of info, tips, and stories. Although a lot more research and public awareness is needed for these terrible conditions hopefully one day there will be a cure. Till then.. Everyone take care, keep warm and 'Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life' !!! x

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It's good to know that you have received and are receiving such quality care from people who work so hard in trying to help sufferers. Fingers crossed you don't have a pre-xmas admission.


Thankyou for your comment Emma2... If only I could cross my fingers, it would help, ha ha!! x


I completely support all you said about Anne and the RSA.I am full of admiration for all they do. It is very hard to fund raise for a condition that is largely unknown; not like cancer or diabetes; and they fight hard for research. I get good care in Newcastle upon Tyne from the Freeman Hospital, my consultant Dr Bridgit Griffiths, her specialist nurse Karen Walker and the Day Unit where I get my Iloprost. I am very thankful to them.

Indeed keep warm, take care and get the most out of life you can.


It's great that these last two comments are so positive - with such a variety of symptoms and severity of symptoms it is hard to stay upbeat. I try and remember it could be worse when I get hacked off - I am lucky that I am not too badly affected as yet. Taking each day as it comes is vital I think - I have CREST and newly diagnosed carpal tunnel syndrome. Winter is going to be a challenge me thinks!!!


Thanks Zenabb, I quite agree how difficult it is for smaller charities to raise funds. Just making people aware is a big step forward!!

Hope you're enjoying the intermittent summer sunshine (I spent all of that fab April sunshine in hosp) Take care x


I also see dr Herrick

or proffessor Herrick as her title is on my letters and appointment. She is very very good at her job. Along with her team.


Oops, yes, of course, it is Prof not Dr... rectified !! Thanks.

I have just come out of Salford Royal again after 16nts with an infected ulcer on my toe which followed 8 nts in Sept for joint probs and 16 nights in December for an infected finger ulcer !!.. M3 has been my 2nd home lately, the staff are so lovely and work hard to help their patients treatment and stay so much more easier to cope with.


Or sorry to hear uv been so bad. Its the most horrid ailment I can ever imagine apart from that horrid big C word. Can't cope even saying the word. IV recently af problem with my feet. Not sure if its raynauds startin or what. Put of going doctors with it as thought it will pass by. Stayed over a month. Started healin now and going ok. Fingers crossed its not for my feet yet. Well good luck to you. Hope ur ulcers R gone or going love x take care


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