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Can anyone help with the employment law when it comes to working. I work full time but my employers are not too happy with the regular appointments I have to attend. I always show them my appointment cards and make the time up but a friend said I shouldn't have to do this. My hours are 0900-1730 but I usually work 0815-1800 just so my colleagues dont moan that I get special allowances. Due to financial commitments I need to work but as the years go by its becoming harder and I dont think Im entitled to any benefits so I can reduce my hours?

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Don't know the answer but i am in the same situation so i know how hard it can be i also have kidney problems do i see a specialist for that as well my gp said he could put me on long term sick and would help me with the Benifits but i don't think that would be any ware near my income so i have to just plod on.

Do you have a union? It's a question for the union.

Hi everyone, Have you given ACAS a call ? Or been to your local citizens advice bureau?

Ultimately - it will depend on how long you have worked for the company - after 12months you are protected with your statutory rights however this is due to increase to 2 years this summer.

So if you have worked there for longer than 12 months then the company have to be understanding and do everythig they can to support you with yor medical condition and the workplace environment.

Have you a written contract of employment ? as well as a staff handbook ? By law you should have this at the latest 3months of working there, and this should set out the sickness procedure as well as grievance procedure, and disciplinary procedure.

It could be that you are within your rights to place a grievance as to how your health condition is not being taken seriously by your manager. Your employer should be seen to be doing everything possible to make your work life not put any additional pressure on your health requirements.

I hope this helps. I used to be a practising barrister until scleroderma and raynauds had a different adventure for me. I had to take an extended period of gardening leave a few years ago, and until I can get on top of the raynauds symptoms, as well as the calcinosis, I am 'funemployed' ;)

Thanks for your advice. I will check out the companies hand book. As you know yourself we have good days and bad and to an outsider we appear to be 'normal' which I think is the issue. My boss did offer me a small heater which I thought was lovely but then another colleague complained they were too hot, so now I wear lots of layers.

I really like your attitude to living with the condition and I will try to see it as a different adventure and try to keep positive. My mum who has MS has never once complained of her condition and instills in me that there is always someone out there who has been dealt a worse fate.

To plod on regardless is all we can do. To have found this site is a tremendous support for me and I wish everyone on here success and happiness and know we are in this together. LIVE LONG AND PROSPER MY FELLOW CYBER FRIENDS :) x

Hello everyone.....Do you think this would help m,y daughter? she is 22 and was diagnosed with Raynards 3 years ago she was also diagnosed with FM 10 months ago. as well as degenerative disc disease. She has been bullied by her line manager ever since. who has also now has a 'gang' of people laughing at my daughter, when she explains that she could not get dressed in a flash as she could not move her arms, line manager and HR laughed. She is in contact with her union, but all the stress of having to work with these people is making her worse, once she feels well enough to go back to work, she goes back for a week and then she has either a chest infection of no voice. We have a dignity at work policy and I keep telling her to quote this, she is so depressed that she is now just letting them bully her. Her GP has signed her unfit for work, she met with a friend for lunch, line manager saw her and, I quote 'if you are well enough to met people for lunch you are well enough to go to work' this is while she is signed off sick. She was actually taking in her sick notes and her work colleague asked her to join her for lunch. THe situation is really bad now, I don't know how to help her.... I wish I could go to work for her, as her, and really give it to them. She has taken every piece of information regarding FM into HR but still nothing. She feels that they are trying to get rid of her under a reconstruction of job titles.

Thanks everyone


mm1832 in reply to dizzyduck

Hi Dizzyduck,

I am new to this forum, and have developed Raynauds fairly recently, but have a 9 year old daughter with complex special needs. So, I have a fair amount of previous experience with disability and discrimination.

The situation you describe with your daughter sounds like disability discrimination to me. Under the Equality Act 2010, disability is one of the "protected characteristics" and as such it is illegal to discriminate against someone on the grounds of their disability. You can find more information on this here:

Your daughter can also go to the Equality Advisory Support Service for advice:

They should be able to give your daughter some guidance on what she can do about this situation. It may be that you want to take legal advice at some stage, but the EASS should be able to advise on whether this is appropriate.

I realise it is tough for your daughter but she needs to fight her employer and not let them get away with this unacceptable behaviour.

I hope this helps.

dizzyduck in reply to mm1832

thank you so much will pass all this info onto her. ;)

Bluebells in reply to dizzyduck

Contact social security disability lawyers!

If you are happy to continue in your job I think you should just continue with the way you are handling it.

Your employer cannot discriminate against you for having hospital appointments.

You might benefit from a refereral to the occupational therapist connected to your hospital clinic.

They can talk you through your feelings. Sometimes we feel guilty for having needs but everyone has needs of some sort. Having an illness our needs are different from healthy people.

As for benefits, you maybe can get help with council tax and free prescriptions, even if you are working full time, it depends on how much money you are getting from work. The main benefit for sick and out of work is now Employment Support Allowance.

Bluebells in reply to Herb

Excellent advice!!!

Hi Dizzy duck - if your daughter has worked there for over 12months, I would ring ACAS and ask their advice in how to handle the process as she is being bullied at work with management ignoring her condition.

A potential claim for constructive dismissal may be an option.

As well as I would recommend you order some of the information leaflets from the raynauds and scleroderma association to give to her employers whilst she is recovering on her sick leave. :)

I got laid off in August this year for just have an appointment for an infusion. Their reason was capability, I've lost all hope now and given up. Sorry down the downer :-(

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