Warm weather at last!

Well we are going on day three of lovely HOT weather here in Leeds! I love it, no socks on my feet for three whole days. But now I am having the issues I get from the heat. I have a condition called Lichen Sclerosis which is caused by the Scleroderma, and when it gets hot all the patches of Lichen Sclerosis get irritated and sore. So my hands are happy and so are my feet, but other parts of my body are complaining loudly! It really gets on top of me sometimes, just seems when one pain goes there is always another lurking to take its place. But I am not going to let it get me down, got my plants growing nicely in my pots in the garden, and am enjoying sitting out on the bench in the warm sunshine! Hope everyone else is enjoying some respite with the warmer weather.

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  • This warm weather is a welcome change particularly after two harsh winters!! Enjoy a bit of chill time in your garden!!

  • My hands are loving it, but my feet still feel a bit cold. I still have aches and pains though, and I thought the warm weather would help them.

  • Anyone feel intolerant to the heat though? Maybe it's my hot flushes as well! Does anyone else still have to take a hot water bottle to bed in hot weather, like I do? My feet get so cold and people can't believe about the hottie......

  • I still get cold, my husband thinks Im nuts. But it isnt as bad as when it is cold outside. My feet are the main thing that gets cold as well.

  • The warm weather was so good but it in a way makes it harder because for me temprature change is a key factor. for example where i work we had the air conditioning on in the classroom at 20 degress (cold in my opinion but o well), then as soon as i leave the classroom it was 35 to 36 degrees that sharpe change caused a really bad attack (i was in and out of the classroom all afternoon). everything does it; the wind, shade, the fridge etc. so yes i do love the warm but unfortunatly its not really a rest bite from raynauds. on the bright side having chilly hands really does cool you down - who needs an ice pack when you have hands, feet etc like ours!!!!!

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