Sunshine at last

Hi am going by thanking those who have commented on my blogs and answering my questions. Just writting to say its great to have a bit of sunshine for a change, don't know about you but its great for it not to bit cloudy, raining or freezing cold for a change. It makes you feel happier.

Sunshine for last, but for how long, hope everyone is enjoying it. Hope it will last.

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  • Yes, it has been sunny here in Leeds for a couple of days now, cloudy though now. It is so nice to have sun shining through the windows instead of the dreary gray it usually is! I just wish I was able to get out and enjoy it when it is here, but I have to content myself with sitting out in the back garden and soaking it up there.

  • Hopefully it will last into the weekend!! Have a good one everyone!

  • Was down south for 2 weeks. Definitely warmer than the the north. Actually managed to remove my sox. Total trivia, but toe nails such a mess, must try to paint them! Nice to see the sun, makes you feel better. Take care all.

  • Hi grannyannie i paint my nails now again, there purple at the mo., apart from my big toe on my left as there is only bit of ingrown toe nail.

  • Hi bookworm, don't know about purple, might look colour coordinated, would probably match the colour of my toes most of the time! It's gone cold again, have had the heating on, try not to think about the cost. Back to sox etc. Cheers

  • Hi grannyannie wish i could wear socks but they rub against my sore toe, i know i wearing my wrap round cardi. i i used to have some gloves but the dog has chewed them, she seeks them out

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