Do I have Raynauds?

My hands and feet are normally cold, but when the weather turns cooler, my hands hurt and my fingers turn very blue, I can't even use the freezer without them hurting in cold weather.

On the flip side, my hands can also get very hot and they feel itchy, sore and swell up and I then have to cool them down to stop the pain.

Are these symptoms of Raynauds? I am experiencing the menopause which seems to be making things worse.

Thank you in advance for any answers or suggestions.

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  • Hi I think you are, these are classic symptoms. You should see your DR and ask to be referred to a rheumatologist to check there is no secondary cause. Most cases are primary so I hope this is the case with you. Keep warm and make an appointment, good luck.

  • Thank you for the advice :)

  • I agree sounds like you are as mine started like that & the menopause doesn't help in fact I have a hot flush & my hands turn blue! I can't even hold a glass of cold drink! Mine is secondary though. So get it checked as there are tablets that help. keep your hands warm it's the fluctuation in temperature that causes the problems I can literally go from one room to another & they turn even if it's not actually cold! Good luck hope you get sorted soon x

  • Thank you for the advice :)

  • It may be Raynauds. Best get it checked by the GP and get it treated.

  • Thank you for the advice.

  • Have you looked at the possibility of chillblains? Reynaud's symptoms are more usually "white finger" which comes about as a result of small arteries closing down the blood supply to the extremities i.e. fingers. Warming them up with some light exercise too usually solves the problem. If I were you I'd consult my GP.

  • I have looked up symptoms for chilblains but I don't think this is what I have, thank you for your advice. I have spoken to a doctor previously but they didn't seem very concerned, I will try again.

  • You present classic symptoms of Raynaud's. Mine started with 'white finger', it progressed to Raynaud's....years down the line I have Scleroderma.

    Get it checked out. Take care.

  • Thank you :)

  • I'm not a Doctor but your welcome.

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