Keeping warm at football matches

Sorry those who do not like football! I am a keen supporter or my local team and have just got back from a late kick-off. My question is how do others keep warm at matches. I wore like 3 tops and a thick walkers jacket along with 2 pairs of socks jeans and long johns and still me feet went dead cold to the point i could not move them!!!! my hands went cold but i coped with that by having a hot drink :) any ideas how to help with issue without looking like a clown . . .

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  • There are heated socks, amazon. They are used by bikers (motorbikes) mountaineering etc.. but very costly and no you would not look out of place as they would never know ;)

  • I refer you to a previous post (a couple of days ago) titled The Raynauds Winter Survival Kit' as there are a lot of excellent ideas within it.

  • I used to love watching my local rugby team. 8pm kick off sept - Apr ish. Thermal long johns & long sleeve vest under 2-3 layers then long winter coat, sheepskin hat under team hat. & sheepskin mittens over thermal gloves + scarf (help unfreeze my nose) all helped. As the years went on I found I was going to less & less matches & wasting my season ticket so I stopped altogether. Miss the game, the friends but not the cold!

  • Have you thought about aiming for those vip boxes? They're heated ^-^ and really work well for those one off occasions to treat yourself.

    Ps. The security stewards treat you with respect too :D

  • O.o outside...watching football? Outside...watching... sorry doesn't compute. Not in this weather!

    If I went to a football match, I know how cold it used to be to watch them normally and even then I'd wrap up warm. A match is 90 minutes long, but the whole experience can be up to three hours.

    LittleHotties handwarmers, electric heated socks, hoodie (to store hot water bottle in the front pocket) body warmer/thermal jacket. Make sure you're wearing a base layer, gloves, hat, scarves (yes, plural). You will need at least three layers of gloves. A base layer...recommended full finger silver gloves from the RSA, a pair of silks and then something a tad more heavy duty, thermal wise.

    To be honest, I'd avoid being outside too long but a hot water bottle can stave off most problems for around three hours. Then again, given you're out in the cold, this might need to be refilled. You could consider taking more little hotties in place of it so that you can activate them over the course of the time that you are there.

  • As well as all these layers I would also take a flask of hot soup or chocolate. I find a hot drink really helps. On the down side you will probably have to take some of your gloves off to open the flask.

  • We need to design a new flask for raynaud's sufferers!

    Something with rubber dots all the way around the outside, one part twists open kinda...a bit more of a twist would present a cup to use and hold. Flask would auto open when tipped in the right direction ^-^.

    Or mebbe it's been done already I have no idea. In the mean time, if you don't have one just stick some 'rubber pads' or feet to it for added grip.

  • heat pads

  • Are you taking any medication to improve your blood circulation? If you're not, go to your doctor asap and ask to be prescribed something like Nefedipine. This is a great help to me along with wrapping up warm when going out. I must say I don't spend as much time out in the cold as you do but good luck.

  • Thanks for all the reply's! I'm still waiting to register at a Dr's who takes time to listen. The ones i am at do not care one bit about the patient just about the money! I LOVE the outdoor life and hate being stuck in . . .after all being 24 and not able to got out on a Fri/Sat night is poor but I only got to matches when I feel I will be okay but soon as Im out after 30 mins or so thats when it hits. Im not taking any medication as you can prob tell yet, However my main concern about taking any medication is the risk of side affects. . . Maybe it is time that i bite the bullet as they say and get on top of this just wish I had it in me to get the help I know I need.

    Yes i am stubborn but i know the overall facts of if i do not get some treatment. . . Just nice to know there are others out there who suffer!

    Once again thanks for all the reply's!!!! (time to invest) :)

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