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Pedalling and Scleroderma Awareness Week!

Pedalling and Scleroderma Awareness Week!

Hi all

We've been super busy here at the RSA Head Office preparing for Scleroderma Awareness Week which will take place next week (11th-16th June). We normally have our Awareness Week in November but thought this year it would be a good idea to have the week coincide with Anne's pedalo challenge.

For those of you who don't already know, Anne Mawdsley MBE, the RSA's founder and CEO will be pedalling a pedalo for 5 miles up Lake Windermere on 11th June. This will be a gruelling challenge that could take up to 6 hours and has never before been attempted. As many of you are aware, Anne has both Raynaud's and scleroderma and so this really will be a difficult challenge for her.

Luckily for Anne she has former Eastenders actor Don Gilet (he played Lucas Johnson) to help her on the day and to encourage her to keep pedalling! Don offered to help the RSA after a childhood friend who suffered from scleroderma died from septicemia following a leg amputation last year at the age of 42.

So far the challenge has raised over £17,000 for the RSA's Cool Million campaign but we're really hoping to reach £20,000. If you can help us by sponsoring Anne, visit Your support really does make a difference.

If you can help us to raise awareness during the week by displaying posters, giving out leaflets or, if you are a member, speaking to the media, please email Even just telling one person about scleroderma during this week can raise awareness.

Only by working together can we hope to raise awareness of this rare disease and work towards a cure.

Take care


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Hi Hannah !

ooo wishing Anne lots of luck on Monday, and that the weather is not pouring down for her ! Where abouts is she starting from and what time ? .... may pop along to support if the weather is ok !!!

I have volunteered my 15 years expertise for awareness purposes to you before, and although I am not a member, my mum and nan are members who live less than a mile from me, and so consequently I have access to 2 copies of the wonderful Hot News magazine !!

I am based in Southport in the northwest of England and would be delighted to raise awareness in anyway I can help !!

Best wishes

Nikki Whitehill


Good Luck Anne!

I will spread the word with love from Alex x


Go Anne, you are one gutsy lady.

What would we Raynauds & Sclerodermians do without your excellent work and dare-devil challenges.

Good luck and hope the weather is not too dreadful. Don Gilet will be an asset I feel!




Hi everyone

I went along to support Anne on this challenge and wow did she do well !! Luckily it was not raining but there was a chill in the air with the wind.

Anne was all wrapped up but could not avoid having her feet wet for the majority of the 5hour challenge due to the waves from the lake coming over the top of the pedallo !

I could not have even sat on a boat not doing anything for 30mins, let alone pedal a pedallo for 5 hours ! A great inspiration to us all !

I am looking forward to reading Anne's take on the challenge in the next edition of Hot News !!

All in all it was a great day out - fantastic venue and very uplifting to meet with other members, also cheering Anne on ! and Percy the penguin made an appearance ! oh and Don was amazing also !

I am looking forward to the next fundraiser !



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