Reaching out to everyone in the UK with scleroderma

Hello all

I want to get as many people with scleroderma together as I can for a meeting/support session. The session should enable everybody to discuss their journeys so far and talk to people who are going through the same as you. Once I have a list of people's location, I can try and find a suitable meeting point and hopefully be able to book a room somewhere for us to meet in for the day.

If you are interested in meeting, please email: with your name and location and we will go from there.

Thank you for your support

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  • Sounds good to me.

  • Sounds interesting will do.

  • Sounds good to me

  • Sounds like a plan! I am Nottingham/East Midlands region.

  • Sounds good I am in the east Midlands region

  • Hello am Joan i have Scleroderma i have it for about 6 years now,,i live in BISHOP AUCKLAND CO ,DURHAM.I would like to join ...thank you joan please let me no..

  • proffishopper

    Hello my name is Linda I was diagnosed with Scleroderma about three years ago. I live in North Nottinghamshire, interested in your suggestion

  • Hi I'm in Leeds Yorkshire. I would like to join in too. I'll email

  • I live near Tamworth in the Midlands. I am in.

  • I have emailed you but as others have replied on this site I will add my county is in Cheshire, or Lancashire pre 1974.

  • Hi all. We think it is a wonderful thing that you would all like to meet up. We would be grateful if gucci_17 could email to chat about this please and we can help support you to take this further. We do have regional groups so can put you in touch with other scleroderma patients as we fully encourage patient support groups.

    The RSA would like everyone to bear in mind personal safety if and when meeting up.


  • Good idea

    I have limited and live in south wales

  • Hello

    I am very interested and live in the West Midlands

  • I am in castleford in West Yorkshire. And would love to hear how other people cope with it

  • I live in castleford west yorkshire

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