Have you seen the new raynauds and scleroderma care and support website ? raynaudsandscleroderma.co.uk great info and forum space :)

Hi everyone ! check out this NEW raynauds and scleroderma care and support site set up by Anne Mawdsley who was the CEO of the RSA for 30 years! It has some great info as well as an interactive forum for questions and sharing ! I hope you love it as much as I do ! Together, by sharing info we can help towards feeling better and finding a cure :)


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  • Hi again, i had a look last night after i received your email it looks interesting.I have left my email address and hope to hear from them soon i will let you know the out come . thanks again . joy.

  • Amen to all you have said. Happy New Year and thanks to everyone for all your support.


  • Hi, me again i said i would let you know how i got on with trying to find a support group.I rang tony overend, he gave me some names and numbers. But unfortunately the lady who did this gave up there was not enthough people interested. not toworry, i have got you guys to talk too.keep smilling .j.

  • Have you tried calling the Helpline 07530 810 964 or visited raynaudsandscleroderma.co.uk? The website site also gives you an email address to send in a question and has an online forum.

  • Hi, ahm42.I have had lots of names and numbers one name came up twice i am emailing her later and from what i can tell its looking good ! Thank you keep warm x

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