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You Won't Believe This...My Dog has an autoimmune illness...

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I just can't believe that my beautiful, sweet, dog has some kind of skin-related autoimmune disease (her nose is raw and has been for months) treated with the same drugs that I used to take for CREST symptoms. For her, it will cost over $100 a month to treat. They "know" that she either has Lupus or Pemphigus just by looking, right? Ugh...I am so irritated. They have yet to do blood work or a biopsy. I am it already so we know what we are dealing with. They are thinking it doesn't make a difference and they want us to keep giving her Prednisone, but it is making her a ravenous dog, and miserable. She was on it for 2.5 weeks before I stopped giving it to her. It wasn't making a difference only making her worse.

I am taking this very personal as I remember very well what it is like to feel sick and not know why...With people, they've come a long way in diagnosing and treating autoimmune illness in the past 15 years, but they have not done so with our canine friends.

Sorry, I know this is not a veterinary board. I am the one who has the CREST symptoms. I just thought you might find it ironic that my dog has something similar (unfortunately).

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Hi frostykitten As a dog lover I know a bit of how you feel. Your poor little dog. How miserable she must feel and how frustrating for you to not be able to explain to her. I know we should'nt endow our pets with human emotions but they do have feelings. So sorry. I have an old girl who I'm just looking after for whatever time is left to her...she's been poorly but has pulled through. She is nearly 15 and been with me since she was eleven weeks old. Hope it all gets sorted out for you and your dog very soon....Bee

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Hi Bee,

So sorry to hear that you are going through something similar. Hang on to your pal as long as you can. My girl is just turning 3 this week. Going to vet #2 on Wed. From the phone, the sound very knowledgeable. Take care...Frosty

AWW - I am a dog lover and have two of my own .... How uncanny that your dog has an autoimmune condition .... I am sorry too but I would give him/her lots of cuddles and love xxx

I agree. She rests her head on my leg and looks up me with her very soulful, German Shepherd eyes. Sometimes it is as if she is saying, "I know". It is so weird. We have found another vet. Hopefully they will be more proactive with her.

Take care...Frosty

I do hope your dog is ok. We form such strong bonds with our pets. They become part of the family. I had to take my beloved dog to the vets to be put down Oct 2011. We held her in our arms until she passed away. It was one of the worst things we have ever had to endure. We had her from 6 wks old and she was 15yrs whenever she passed away. Enjoy and treasure the time you have with her/him. Best wishes

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Thank you. She seems to be happier since we took her off Prednisone. It was making her a nervous wreck. She has another vet appt this week with someone new.

Sorry to hear about your pet passing. It takes so long to recover as they are part of the family.

I will continue hugging on her as long as I can.

Poor puppy!!! I have diffuse systemic scleroderma with the CREST I feel his pain!!! I hope he gets better fast!!! I feel for you!! Hugs to ya!

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frostykitten in reply to Marytsa

Thank you! I am hoping we can make some changes to make her better. We already changed her food and she is kept out of the sun. Now, I just need a vet who is willing to do a biopsy and tell me what we are actually dealing with...We are trying a new vet on Wed.

I think this must be your dog's way of sympathizing with you! So sorry for you both..bad enough what we suffer alone!

Sometimes it feels like it. Really, she looks up at me with those eyes and I just wonder...I hope that I can vet some good advice. My condition has improved with lifestyle changes, but it has not gone away.

Take care.

Their are breeds that are more likely to get autoimmune diseases than others,some vets believe it comes from line breeding in their past to get the standard they wanted, their by resulting in immune response. You need a new vet, they can prescribe your dog the human equivilant to the dog's meds to save you money and they should not be giving meds if they have not done blood work to know what they are dealing with,it could be something much more simple.Good luck to you both!

We bought her from a breeder not too far away. If it is diagnosed as Lupus, they will consider it hereditary and we need to report it. We still need someone to do a biopsy and I am hoping that the vet we see this Wed can help us. Thank you for the good wishes. Take care!

Hi, My name is Nathalie (I speak french) and I have a rottweiller, he's my king., I have sclerodermia and had a lot of loss these couple years. My mom and dad death..a divorce etc. lot of stress and sadness. Since a year Brutus have start to walk with 3 paws instead of 4. It was looking like a bad injury. I saw many veterinary, spended a lot of money, it's amazing....and no one was finding the problem. Xray,scanners, many blood test...they were talking about cancer (without finding tumors) arthrosis ( with no signs of this on the Xray or scan). He started to take prednisone less than 2 weeks ago, for the pain. Last week he was swelling a lot, heartbeat was fast he was breathing loud, not abble to stand up. I had no idea what to do. I was so affraid about what was going on. his nose was bleeding, he was in a very bad state. We went to the hospital, they suggested to put him down...but it was over for me. I was sure in my inside that it was a side effect of an over dose of prednisone.I asked for a solution to bring him back home before, so they gave him an injection of morphine. He slept for hours...and than, on sunday he was 50% better....and even better for the rest of the week. I kept follow the instructions for the medication, pretnisone mixed with tramadol ( kind of morphine) and amantadine.

Last night again, the symptoms of last week en has reappeared. fast and loud breahting, anormal heartbeat, apetite. I got back to the veterinary this am.they took Xray again ( and my money also) to find tumors, they were sure....but, still nothing!! exept something weird with his oesophagus. Than it pop up to my mind, I remembered my last rottweiller was dying of a liver cancer at the same time my dad was doing the same. So I said to the vet " is that possible that Brutus his having the same disease as me?"... I have this feeling deep inside. She said she never heard about it... but she said she often see animals having the same disease than one of the family member.

Brutus had morphine again this morning. I'M afraid he will past away... I love him so deeply, I would do anything. At the same time I dont understand the lesson life is trying to give me... Brutus having sclerodermia will not take mine away.

Hope one of us will find somethg to do.

sending you lot of good toughts.



I'm a veterinarian that specializes in dermatology, if your dog only has nose lesions, we usually avoid oral steroids ans use strong topical steroids or other toplical options, how bad is the lesion and does it affect more than the nose?

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Lag1234 in reply to Gterv

I have a dog that has this immune disease. What do you suggest for her. She is an 8 year old English mastiff and her feet look horrible. Any advice or ideas would be helpful. I have her on 1 50 mg prednisone everyday and 25mg of imuran. She breaks out from time to time but now her feet are terrible. Any thoughts?

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