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Hello from Pensacola, Florida :) I wrote for the first time back in Feb.... Every so often I get on here and read the questions & blogs....There has been so much helpful information & encouragement from so many people....I was diagnoised with Crest about 2 years ago.....The Raynauds has really been a challenge this year, I keep a jacket with me at all times and gloves..... I have read about .., silver gloves..and Turtle Doves? They sound wonderful, but can't find anything like that here.. ... Between the Rh. Arthritis and the Scleroderma my hands are getting's harder to do so many things that a couple of months I was doing just fine...lately...driving has really been affecting my hands..does anyone have any ideas on what might help? Everyone stay warm, try to stay positive...and thank you for being here..... :)

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  • Thanks for sharing this with us, im not sure of what can stop this from happening, but maybe until someone else posts with a solution, or you figure something out yourself, maybe try and avoid driving. My mum, she is in her mid 30s and she doesnt have anything wrong with her( apart from an allergy to oranges, too much cheese and chocolate and sciattica) - anyway a while ago she had this problem but it only occured once. It was ion her middle finger, left hand, it went white(raynauds symptom) after a few mins it was normal again, just numb and white, no pain. That was when we had a REALLY bad winter, for the rest o the freak weather she warmed up the car before getting in it. ( which she had forgotten to do that morning). Im not sure whether stopping driving as much as possible is an available option to you, but warming your car up might be. Also handwarmers are excellent, especially the re usable ones, they can slip in your gloves easily. I hope this helps, im not an expert on this aspect as im too young to drive yet. All the best

    Littlemissshy (South Wales)

  • :) thank you Littlemisshy......All encouragement is very helpful..takes away that 'I'm all alone' feeling. I'm really fighting giving up driving, cuz I love it so much, esp. driving our beautiful beaches...but the last few weeks after about 20-30 minutes.. my fingers start aching and getting stiffer.. :( Just another challenge to figure out.. :)

  • Youre welcome, im glad it helps. Im the same with my dance, i either have to stop taking part in random lessons, or grit my teeth....i grit my teeth haha...

  • I have had CREST for over 5 years now, so you do learn a few tricks of the trade. It is very hot and humid outside now in Okinawa, Japan (similar climate to Florida). But yet I still travel with my sweatshirt, because the AC is soo cold and I try to keep from triggering an attack.

    As for not being able to do stuff with your fingers, it is very frustrating, especially when it was easier before. You want to find things that help you out, for example, I can't open soda cans, so I figured out how to use scissors, or keys as a lever.

    Also for the stiffness, try doing different finger/hand stretches. I found a bunch online to help me and they do help the flexibility throughout the day (although it resets the next morning =/ )

    Below are some websites that I found exercises. I hope they help!!!

  • :) these exercises are very helpful..thank you so much flickchick777

  • Use gadgets to make your stiff hands easier and I suggest physiotherapy.

    I have a key turner, an electric jar opener, and an electric can opener. I have also got used to ask for help but I don't like it. I use my hands as much as possible to keep them going.

  • zenabb I'm def. learning to ask for many little things I took for granted...I wash all dishes by hand, and the hot water really helps, but now the sores are popping up on my thumbs and the water irritates, so I've bought some rubber gloves. We have aloe plants growing on the porch that help sooth, along with vaseline... the sores haven't gotten too bad yet..but boy are they tender, and I seem to hit them alot.....scrubbing pans is a pain.. thank you so much for the advice & encouragement... :)

  • Yes, I did a lot of bandaids, which did help the pain, but was also inconvenient. But then I found these gauze type finger sock things and they were very nice and protected the sores on my fingers. Not sure if they are in Florida, but they work well. I would wear them under the rubber gloves to ease the pain from washing dishes. =)

  • Are you on any medication to improve your circulation?

  • Thank you so much for this info. Every little helps

  • Greta48 :) the info...encouragement...just being able to talk about all this :)

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