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Ugg type boots

Thank you to everyone who replied to my previous post about Ugg boots. I decided to buy a pair of Kiwi boots: the ultimate tall boot. These have a very thick sole and a deep toe-box so there is lots of toe wriggling room. The company was very helpful when I contacted them about sizing and the boots arrived in 5 days which is excellent for rural mid Wales. The boots are excellent! Apart from needing a very thick sole when I am out, I also have quarry tiled flooring in the kitchen which is extremely cold. I have 2 thick hearth rugs in the kitchen, one by the sink and another by the work surface, but I still have to walk around and my toes were really suffering. That is now in the past. My chilblains have almost healed and I am able to go for walks which has also improved my circulation. I no longer feel a prisoner in my own home.

I also bought some Warmerwear battery heated socks. With ordinary batteries they were hardly warm at all, but with the recommended batteries they really heated up. They use 6 AA batteries, 3 in each sock, but at £13 for 12 batteries they are not cheap to use.

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Where did you get the Kiwi Boots Lynne. I have bought the Warmawear remote controlled shoe insoles with rechargeable battery which charges using a usb connection. They are so so good albeit they were expensive from Primrose. £65. May be a long term solution for you though. It is so painful to walk when my toes go absolutely numb that i have to limp then my back aches as well. So these insoles have been a revelation


The website is kiwisheepskins.com. I also bought my Warmerwear battery heated socks from Primrose.


Hi, so glad you've found something that works for you.

With regards to batteries - I usually buy from ebay because Iusually get significant savings. I start with a seller called "gogreenuk":


For instance, if you are using alkaline AA batteries, you can buy 50 x Duracell AA Industrial Alkaline Batteries (these work the same as "normal" Duracell) for £19.95 plus free postage:, expiry date 2023.


or if you use lithium-ion batteries then they are selling 24 x Duracell AA Ultra Power for £13.69 or 40 x Duracell AA Ultra Power Alkaline Batteries for £23.49. Both lots expire 2027, and the postage is free. Link to 40 batteries:


i use "gogreen" because they offer good prices with good dates. I find that Duracell works best for me. They also sell Energiser and Panasonic.

Also they sell battery chargers and rechargeable batteries. I last bought Duracell rechargeable batteries last summer - again I found "gogreen" the best place to buy from.

Wishing you warm and cosy feet, N xx


I was very interested in your post Lynntregaren regarding Kiwi Boots. I have recently bought a pair of Ugg boots which were recommended by numerous people and I have to say I was so disappointed with them. They were 300€ and not worth the money. They were not as warm as I expected. I thought my cold feet days would be over, but they are just as bad. like you I have a tiled kitchen floor, very cold. I found there is no support in the boots for my instep or heel.

I tried bringing up Kiwi boots site on the internet and all I am getting are Ugg boots. I would greatly appreciate if you could tell me From which site you purchased the Kiwi boots and are they supportive for your feet. From what you say it would seem that they are extremely warm.

I would hesitate to put down rugs in the kitchen as I am afraid of falling.

Many thanks.


The site is kiwisheepskins.com I read a few reviews which said Ugg boots were now made in China and the quality has suffered as a consequence. My boots are supportive. They fit snugly around my calves which might help in this regard. The ultimate boots have a very thick sole. They cost £99.95 for the mid calf version or £104.95 for the tall version. I hope this helps. Lynn

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Hello I wear Skunkx heated slippers around the house. Thy keep my feet perfectly warm. They are quite a heavy sheepskin bootee, they keep my feet warm all day and I charge them up over night - I don't like the massage function so I don't have that on.


Hi - sorry I’ve come late to this but I keep meaning to post about my new Sketcher’s boots which cost £45 in a Scottish high street store. They have been life changing for me. Prior to buying them I was living in Ecco leather boots - which look quite similar but not as thick soles so I had thick liners made by a podiatrist and wore two pairs of thick socks but was still suffering chilblains galore.

These new black suede and padded, extra thick soled boots mean I can get away with one pair of thick socks and haven’t had chilblains on toes since getting them. They also seem to give me very good support so that, despite numb feet and ankle tendons from neuropathy - I find it easier to stand for longer and my balance is improved too. They are mid calf and fleecy lined and give my heels and ankles good support. Best boots I’ve found and much cheaper than my old Ecco ones.


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