Suggestions for warm boots (Raynauds)


My feet are terrible when I sit still for any length of time. For work, I wear lycra tights, wool socks and leather boots, but they still freeze. I take nifedepine, and will talk more with my rheumy next month, but wonder which boots other people have found useful. Oh, and I need to wear orthotics in them, as I have arthritic feet.


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  • Hello, I have just worn for the first time today, the thermal socks from the RSA and in the house have kept my feet very warm, but not when I went out this afternoon, the warmest socks I have tried so far. I wear the sheepskin lined boots from Drapers of Glastonbury, you should find them on line, but even these do not keep my feet warm in the winter without the electrically heated insoles from EXO. I'll be very interested to see what other people recommend.

  • I wear Muks.

    They are very comfortable moccasin type boots, mine are fairly high and they are completely lined with lamb skin and rabbit fur on the outside.

    Not cheap but you can generally order thwart online post free. I have had mine for coming

    Up 3 years and they look good too.

  • I wear starting from a vest thin jumper and cardie on top which up to neck down the arms down the back so body is warm .Something like jeans thicker trousers .so legs are warm

    Feet winter short pair socks and knee lenth on top .Spring autum knee lenth so bottoms of legs keep warm .Sheep skin booties for slippers from cornwall .Out winter i wear sheep skin boots from cornwall .Summer spring allways leather shoes .

    Dont wear anything which tight on feet . cotton socks 2 thin layers good soles not plascic move round as much as poss i get the hovver out when cold .When snow on ground i wear even more .I buy from mark and spencer and celic sheepskin from cornwall .Which better then ugg boots and will wash .And be re soled and last twice as long ..Keep all body fairley warm .Fashon well it does not come into this .

  • I bought sheepskin boots from Celtic Sheepskin (available online) a few years ago. Out of all the boots I've had, they've been the best and lasted! They also offer a repair service if you need your boots (bought from them) to be resoled/repaired. I wear my knee highs most days of the year, apart from when it's boiling hot. I also have orthotic insoles in my boots and they stay put.

    I wear leggings with my boots too. I've found jeggings, velvet and cord leggings to be warmer than standard cotton/viscose leggings. Although they're close fitting, it's quite easy to wear a pair of wool thermals underneath during the winter (cotton thermals are thicker and not as warm).

    You can still wear fashionable clothes if you have a warm layer underneath and on your feet!

    My favourite socks at the moment are made from bamboo. A bit pricey but softer than they sound and surprisingly warm. Cashmere socks are too thick to go underneath the boots.

  • I wear lots of thin layers during the winter & always have a down jacket on along with cashmere gloves with a leather pair lined in cashmere as well. I wear knee socks along with leggings underneath along with winter weight walking trousers with sheepskin boots with gortex. In the house I wear calf high sheepskin boots & generally remove my socks - I was told this is actually warmer than wearing socks with them & is the way they suggest you to wear them, also I wear pure wool fingerless gloves while in the house.

  • Volt slippers ( and the little chemical heaters that you can slip into your shoes or gloves helped me. I also had Gerbing heated mittens (, which were wonderful. But now I've just moved to a warmer climate... this seems to help the best.

  • Thank you for all your comments and tips. I really like the look of the Celtic Popper boots - although the price did make me feel ill! To the person who wears their Celtic boots with orthotics, did you need to buy a larger size than usual? For example, my normal size is a 4. Would you suggest I buy a 4 or a 5? Also, which accessories would it be essential to buy?


  • VOLT boots, for sure! I know someone else said something about Volt slippers, and I'm not sure whether we're talking about the same thing, but the ones I bought on Amazon were seriously a life-saver for me. They're tough like actual shoes/boots on the bottom so you can wear them anywhere outside (although not entirely water-proof, if you're in snow). Two batteries that you take in and out to charge will last for up to 12 hours (if charged all the way) and the heat goes all the way through the bottom of each boot. You put them in the little side pouches and plug them in, then push the "on" button for each battery and a red light comes on when you're good to go. They even have adjustable cords around the top so you can tighten them to keep even more warmth in. HIGHLY recommended! And there's even a promo code on Amazon if you type in "RAYNAUDS" (I think it's like 10% off or something). Also, if you're looking for good silver gloves, try Agloves ( The sport fit is my favorite because it covers more of my wrists as well. Best of luck!

  • Hi Kathy

    I've bought my normal size in these boots. They felt a little tight at first (like any shoes) but they don't take long to get used to your foot, maybe a couple of hours. I've been looking at the popper ones too! You might want to get the wool wash (boots are machine washable) and spray protector. I'm waiting until they have an offer on until I buy my next pair.


  • Hi Layla

    The boos are on order, and due to be delivered early next week. I'm so excited! I will let you know how I get on with them.


  • Well, I am very disappointed with the Celtic Popper Boots. They are lovely quality, but they won't fit around my legs! Also, they felt very small int he feet. I asked if they had any wider legs and was told that they should fit up to 16" calf. But my calves are only 14", and they don't! I think they must have measure them before they lined them. So , they have gone back.

    I'm going to Schuh tomorrow, to see what they have to offer.

    Will let you know how it goes.


  • I bought the shorter Celtic popper boot and it fits perfectly. I didn't go for the longer one as I would have had problems getting them on.

    I think TK maxx have some sheepskin boots in at the moment.

    Hope you find something warm soon

  • Thanks Tracy

    I've bought some Uggs today. Again, they were pretty narrow, but I managed with some plain, pull on brown ones. I'm intending to keepthem mainly for indoors at work. That's when my feet and legs are coldest.


  • Hi everyone !! i have lived in Ugg boot classics for the last 3 years !! and these were my sister's throw outs so although they are pricey, they certainly last !! but unfortunately not waterproof, so I bought some sheepskin wool lined wateroproof movaboots which I am having to wear in as they are too tight around my calves !! I am not able to wear shoes as my toes turn blue very quickly in the slightest temeperature change and the boots provide support for my ankes, which do their own thing when I wear shoes !

  • Hi guys. I'm from the very south of New Zealand so it gets very cold here with the polar blasts off the South Pole.. We get extremely cold winters with heavy frosts and snow..

    I also have CP and need to use a wheelchair for mobility so my legs and feet don't more much, just hang there and freeze.. My Doctor put me on 10mg of Felodipine at bedtime and I find it very helpful, especially over the colder winters.. I now wear Marino woolly socks(they stay warm even when wet), then a heavy pair of farmers woollen gumboot socks, then a pair of possum fur-skin booties over top(as they trap in the warm air) and I have always worn 100% Sheepskin lace-up boots.. If my feet or hands get too cold - I warm them up in a basin of warm water before finally blow-drying them with a warm setting on a hair-dryer... I tried the battery heated insoles but found they lost their charge after only having them a year, and they are way too expensive to buy another pair every year..! If I have to go outdoors I put a pair of heavy plastic bags(bin liners) over my Sheepskin boots to keep them dry..

    I'm kinda luck as I have to wear a thick body braces, so my core body temp is always warm but I always wear a woollen hat all winter 24/7.. I also wear Marino glove liners inside my thick wheelchair gloves.. When I have to go outdoors I wear a pair of possum-skin mitts over my gloves, plus a heavy duck-down jacket with a fury hood as I find these the best to stay warm.. I also carry a couple of the chemically heated hand-warmers as they are super cheep and easy to recharge and will keep warm for 4 hours..

    I also have Raynauds in my lips too, yeah kinda strange place for poor circulation but I need to wear a tubular fleece scarf around my face and drink from a straw.. If I go outdoors I pull on a hood/balaclava to stay warm, as my ears get numb in the cold too..

  • Pipsmum,

    I know the feeling with the Celtic Popper boots - I had exactly the same problem !! Though, after years of playing field hockey, and swimming, I have rather large calves, so I kinda expected it.

    I've actually found that Costco make their own version of Uggs/Emu/Sheepskin boots - I've got a few pairs now, and I'm on winter number 2....AND I wear orthotics in them !!! Oh, did I mention they cost less than £50 a pair !? (Less, if you can fit into the child versions like I do) Definately worth looking at if you have a Costco cards, or know someone who has !

    One thing that someone told me was wearing sheepskin lined boots, was that you should not wear socks/tights - let your feet sit in the sheepskin - and they will naturally keep warm. I have to admit, I have done this, and find them wonderful when the weather is cold.

    Mike from NZ - I have heard such good things about Possom fur, and merino wool, but as with most things that are good, they cost soooo much - especially when you're asking them to ship to the UK !! I may have to ask family for "donations" at Christmas !!!

  • Thanks Mike and Lil Dee

    I'm enjoying my (rather clumsy) Ugg boots. I just wear them in the office, so hopefully, they will last for a few years, without getting too grubby.

    Mike, possum and merino do sound good. I guess if I lived somewhre as cold as you, I would probably have them too.


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