Can you recommend any good, warm gloves?

I currently use a relatively thin pair of Nike running gloves to protect my hands when I'm outside and also for handling food from the freezer but wondered if anyone could recommend a better brand/type of glove? I also have thick, Gore-tex gloves but weirdly I don't think they keep my hands as warm as the thinner gloves and I always end up curling my fingers into my palms so that the fingers of the gloves are empty.


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  • I use oven mits when I go into the freezer. Also bought gloves from They have great gloves both thin and thicker styles.

  • RSUK shop do silver thread gloves that are good but my gold standard is cashmere. If you can afford them, they're amazing :)

  • I also use the silver gloves from RSUK shop and find them very good ,thin enough to use cash line machines, phones etc. but oddly keep hands even warmer than sheepskin

  • I use some of the North face gloves at the moment which are a bit thicker than ordinary running gloves But when it is very cold I do like the natural fibre gloves like cashmere! I also have some silk liners for wearing inside other gloves. While driving I tend to have leather with silk linings or leather with cashmere for when its much colder.

    I think it is trial and error to find some which suit you. But one thing I find helps is warm your gloves by laying them on top of a radiator before going out.

  • As Jensue writes, but try and make sure your hands are warm before donning gloves. Not always easy!

  • Brilliant ideas, thanks. I love how decadent cashmere and silk gloves sound! That's the Xmas list sorted!

  • Bizarrely I find mittens better than gloves when out to keep my hands warm, I find gloves leave my hands colder. I just have sheepskin mittens or thick fleece ones xxx

  • Mittens are better but because I drive quite bit I find gloves allow me to use switches etc much easier. Like you sheepish mittens are very cosy.

  • I use a pair of Tog 24 wind stoppa, for when I go out in the cold and they are brilliant, have had them for a few years now and still do the job, well worth the money I think they cost £21 but the best I have had, they also have grips on the palms and fingers for driving.


  • I use the RSA silver thread mittens and also some skiing mittens bought two years ago from the Mountain Warehouse (like black bags over the RSA mittens; no internal gloves fitted in them). Drawback with the RSA is that they have very short cuffs, so I have to use wrist warmers (preferred tubular bandage, as it doesn't clutter up my cuff area).

  • I have just purchased 2 pairs of silver tread gloves - full gloves and a fingerless pair (to wear indoors!) from EBay. £20 for both pairs and free postage.

  • I use ski mittens. I went to a ski shop and spent a long time with the assistant going through all the different ones. Mine were really expensive (I think £100 ish 😳) but I literally wear them every single day from about now until about April. I find they last a Year or so. I'm not much help because I don't know the exact ones they are but what I am getting at is I find good quality ski mittens designed for extremely cold weather to be most effective. The lady in the ski shop was very informative at which ones were best and the best types to go for - after we had got over the fact I wasn't actually going skiing lol (I wish I was going skiing) I also wear the silver gloves from the rsa shop at the same time as the ski mittens for those moments when you absolutely have to get your hands out like if your mobile is ringing or some thing) I I have adapted well and can mange to do things with my ski mittens on (all be it two hands to use keys etc) but my hands are even more useless when cold than with big ski mittens on. Mittens is defiantly key as it's easier to get hand warmers in and to move your fingers around in them to try and keep some blood going around.

  • Thanks everyone for all the suggestions. I'm going to look into the silver thread gloves / ski mittens combo and possibly the Tog 24 windstopers too with the hopeful addition of cashmere to the xmas list. As you all said, it's going to be a case of finding what works best for me but these suggestions have certainly helped to point me in the right direction. Thanks!

  • Mittens with flaps but I lived last year in M and Co Heat holder mittens cost £12, know it's a bit late but hope it helps or trial and error

  • Thanks it's still helpful as I'm still looking into options. All advice helps!

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