clothes for fashion rather than warmth?

Any tips? I realise that when I get dressed I tend to think - warmth and comfort and what its going to feel like; whereas most other people think about colour, style and what its going to look like! At this time of year I can at least look forward to shedding the battery operated heated jacket layer - but does anyone have any ideas on how to avoid looking like Mrs Fleece for 50 weeks of the year? I have 3 lengths of sheepskin boots - ankle for summer; mid calf for autumn/spring and knee length for winter.

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  • This is a tricky one - the urge to keep warm always wins with me so I don't care if I look ridiculous!! I think you can still wear layers - just thinner ones! Little vest tops with a shirt on top and a jacket, that sort of thing - Gok Wan always layers up clothes!!!

  • I just wear what I feel comfortable in now - I even wear gloves in the summer sometimes ...... If you look around you can pick up some really nice clothes but make sure you always carry a lovely cardigan or jumper with you. By the way, I am continously cold ....

  • Maybe "The Killing" jumper has done us all a favour!

  • I layer as well, that way if I do get to warm I can take something off or keep it on depending on how I am at any given time. And you can layer with a lovely big shirt and a sleevelss one underneath, which works well for me and I still look stylish. I have some light gloves with silver in them to wear when it is warm, and they are a light silver colour so they aren't as abvious I have on gloves as my black ones. In the winter I have very colourful gloves with the fingers out and the little mitten tops to go over them! I love them. My feet are always cold and I hate to always have to wear closed toe shoes in the summer, to get around it I have loads of toe socks in various colours and some black for going out, and people are usually too busy commenting on the toe socks to think I am weird for wearing socks and you dont look like those men they used to show with the white socks and sandals! They also work well in the winter as they seem to keep my feet warmer than regular socks.

  • I'm known as the "hat lady"

    They get me noticed,,people walk passed and smile. I tell myself its because they like me not that I look odd but I know it helps me to keep warm (and hides any bad hair days)

  • not sure about the clothes, but i still wear gloves in the summer

  • I'm 19 and my Raynaud's since I was little so am very used to keeping warm while dressing in things I like (I wouldn't say I was fashionable as I have a rather ecclectic dress sense!) I am a layers fan, I don't really own anything super warm (like the mountain climbing, mountinaring stuff) apart from gloves and boots. My best buys are the really nice black pointille thermal tops you get from marks and spenser, I wear these about 9 months of the year, then normally when it is freezing (I moved to aberdeen for university last year).. I go for a vest, thermal top, same themal longjohns or tights for m&s, jeans and a dress (covers gaps), then about two cardis, and a jacket (plus scarf and gloves of course!).. But layers are really good as my temprature stots about all the time and I can get it just right.

    Although I'm quite small so when it gets really cold I start to look a bit spherical!!

    Also the silver gloves are a savior, i wear them all summer and I dont think anyone really notices. :)

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