Where can I buy battery-heated gloves or hand warmers?

I have limited cutaenous systemic scleroderma with secondary Raynaud's and am also hypothyroid. I've bought the silver gloves, which are great but want to get some battery-heated gloves or handwarmers but have not been able to find any. The rheumatologist suggested Boots but when I tried them they were unable to help and an outdoor leisure store staff looked at me as if I was mad.

Thanks in advance.

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  • You should be able to get battery-heated gloves from the hospital in the connective tissue department. Ask your consultant or your specialist nurse. I have found them bulky, they give me even less sensation in my hands than I already have. I use MYCOAL hand warmers from the RSA inside my silver gloves. They last 8 hours which is very good. But If they get too hot take them out of your gloves for a little while. At home I warm my hands with the RSA penguin that I heat in the microwave for two minutes. I have found that if I keep it against my body and hold it with my hands, it warms me best. It lasts about 45 minutes.

  • They cost a lot, but I invested in some lithium battery rechargeable thick padded gloves. They are also completely weather proof so they got me through the depths of last winter very effectively. They are made be a company called Blazewear, can't remember the website I bought from, but try googling. The batteries give lovely warmth for around 5 hours before needing recharging.

  • Here's the link: blazewear.com/product_info....

    £80 plus postage but you will never need another pair of heated gloves!

  • I got mine from Amazon

  • I regularly use gel hand warmers and others that can be warmed in the microwave, there are also disposable hand warmers which can be quite good. You can get them from the RSA website or online.

    I bought a Zippo hand warmer a couple of weeks ago as it claimed it stayed warm for 12 hours. It is brilliant, it looks similar to a Zippo lighter although a bit bigger, you need to pour lighter fluid in the bottom part and heat it using a lighter although there is no flame so it's completely safe. The hand warmer comes with a pouch to store it in. I got mine from eBay, they cost approx £15-£20, and highly recommend the hand warmer.

  • Maplins have them for £15 I think. Though I dont think they are that warm to be honest.

  • Please take a look..They changed my everyday life..Cheap and easy..So warm...PS:The best among at least 10 other product I tried over 2 years.

    Deluxe electric ignite metal pocket hand warmer - reuseable, no mess and uses regular lighter fluid


    If you have any questions happy to answer.

  • Thanks, that's from Amazon in USA - I'll see if there is an equivalent from Amazon in UK.

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