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Raynaud's and supplements

Hi there I wonder if anyone can help?

I have had raynauds many yrs. Got diagnosed in my 20's, I'm now 48. My question is regarding supplements I take combined with having raynauds

I'm taking a collagen supplement for skin / hair / nails and joints called neocell collagen plus. I take around 3000mg a day.

Having only recently heard about scleroderma, I had no idea this even existed. My doctor has never told me about this condition. But seeing a connecting with raynauds has me concerned for my health.

Should I ditch taking the collagen supplement? only having heard that scleroderma is your body producing too much collagen. Would that mean taking a collagen supplement possibly aggravate my raynauds and could cause scleroderma?

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Hi mimi_1.

I'm in a similar boat to you. Had Raynauds diagnosed when younger but in recent years it hadn't bothered me too much. Started HRT a few years back and subsequently had probs with very cold hands, feet, nose, but no regular white fingers as I used to get, just about twice a year. But recently I've had probs with my skin and nails, as well as facial collagen loss, post menopause. so started taking a marine collagen supplement for the last 4 months. The hard skin around my nails/finger tips is now considerably worse, to the extent I have to cut/file the skin off every week as it replicates and thickens so fast. The skin of my finger tips is so dry and thick sometimes it's hard to get my iPhone to respond to my touch! Also hard skin replication symptoms evident on my feet, even though I cream them regularly. My toes sometimes look dirty underneath, but I've discovered this is not dirt, just blue/black toes from poor circulation/Raynauds. I thought my hard skin issue was just a circulation issue, but having read up yesterday I'm starting to think I have a mild form of scleroderma too. So as of last night, I decided to stop the collagen supplement to see if things improve. From recently looking at various blogs you definitely should not take collagen if you have scleroderma. It's all very confusing to me as I obviously have collagen loss in may areas including hands and feet. I think you have to do what's right for you, you don't mention how long you've been taken the supplements. On average the rule of thumb is 3 months of taking a supplement before it takes effect but I don't know if this is much shorter if you have scleroderma, I should imagine so.


Hi Lelly

I am sorry to hear your story, like you I also take hrt, on the patch and have been on for a number of yrs due to early menopause. I figured it was time to look after myself more recently by taking supplements for hair nails skin etc. As aging is not something I enjoy!! I noticed my face losing volume, good enough reason to take collagen supplement. Its the bovine kind I take, along with vitamin c and hyaluronic acid as a seperate supplement. I am around 3 months into taking them and unlike yourself on the bovine supplement I have actually seen some good results. Placebo? perhaps, but am I imagining my hair and skin look better, hmm? as no one else comments supporting my thoughts perhaps I am!! lol!! but seriously I actually feel ok on this combo. also combined with some vit b12 and vit d.

My worry set in reading about scleroderma. I had no idea this condition even existed. My raynauds like yourself does not seem to trouble me so much these days, however I am rarely out long enough to notice. I wrap up in many layers, thermals, usually never outdoors for more than an hr or so. Not long enough for them to turn white then blue like they used to anyway.

I am sorry to hear about your hardening skin, I hope you dont have scleroderma.

Please keep me updated and Let me know if you feel improvement in time having come off the marine collagen. I guess the best thing we can do is really to listen to our bodies.

I will carry on taking the collagen for now and see how I go. Maybe make another doctor appointment to have their opinion describing the type of raynauds I have. and ask for a sclerorderma test. Problem with my doctors is they really dont discuss vitamins!!

The whole vitamin thing is very confusing.

Good luck to you


Hi again. Thanks Mimi. Yes, good idea to carry on if not getting any other symptoms. I've absolutely loved being on the collagen for the improvements. My face has plumped up nicely and my skin and hair are much improved. I've been taking same supplements as you in addition to collagen. Great minds! I shall hate coming off it, but I think after only a few days the thickening skin has slowed down, so I shall have to monitor it. I will try the collagen again in a month's time to see if it really is the collagen and not just coincidence. The other symptom I have experienced is more tenderness (tendonitis) in some tendons, i.e., achilles, elbows, quads etc. Apparently collagen can build up scar tissue on micro traumas and cause a major issue with scleroderma. So keep your eye out for an increase in general aches and pains. It may also be coincidence but I think I sleep better now that I'm off the collagen, but again that may be just me and my biorhythms. Good luck with the collagen. I'm very jealous. It's a fab supplement. x


I have a list from the royal free of vitamins and medication for raynaulds I would ask the gp to give you a blood test to check for autoimmune conditions if you have other symptoms or are worried. I can copy and tag the list of you don't get anywhere with the go


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