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I was diagnosed with Raynaud's several years ago and prescribed nifidipene sorry about spelling :-)

I stopped taking them when the horrific attacks in my finger ends stopped.

I am always cold though and wondered if this is related to it? My hands, feet and nose go really cold. My hands turn that horrible palour colour all over and I cant get warm.

I have been known to lie in front of log burner with a jumper and jeans on whilst my partner is sat in shorts and tshirt.

The refrigerator aisles at supermarkets are a nightmare also and I hurry through them.

I am wondering if I should see my doctor again but would feel silly saying I feel cold all the time as my symptoms :-(

Thank you Lisa

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leezals, being cold all the time is part of Raynaud's unfortunately. I know! Supermarket aisles are a nightmare. You have to wrap up really warm for shopping. I think if your Dr knows about Raynaud's, he will understand and not think you silly at all. Wearing stockings and leg warmers, gloves and scarves is a must when you feel too cold. Wearing something warm close to you body and keeping your core warm all the time is very helpful. On the Raynaud's site you can buy Thermal gloves quite cheap as well. Hope your Dr. helps. :)

leezals in reply to nettie545

Hi Nettie545

Thank you for your response.

I do think I am getting worse with regards to feeling the cold :-( I have booked in with my GP but its a few weeks away.

In meantime I am going to try and keep my core warm and imparticular wear scarves and gloves when shopping. it must appear quite comical seeing me scuttle off down aisles leaving partner and mum in law behind :-D

I will look on web site for the gloves as well, anything that I can try I will.

Thanks again

Glad to be of help! I also scuttle down aisles!! People often give me a weird look when I am dressed in scarves and gloves and they have short sleeves and sandals on! :) Oh well, nothing to do hey? Keep on keeping on!

leezals in reply to nettie545

Hehehe, oh well indeed if they weren't staring at us dressed like that they would only stare at someone else :-D I feel relieved now knowing that it isnt just me, I thought because I wasn't suffering in my fingers the awful pains that I did that I wasn't a sufferer anymore. Guess we are not that lucky though. Keep on keeping on, I like that motto :-)


Have you had your thyroid function tested? Being cold all the time is a symptom of being hypothyroid.

leezals in reply to Hidden

Hi Shazzer1976

No, I haven't I will ask my GP to check that when I go. Thank you for your reply

nettie545 in reply to Hidden

Thanks Shazzer1976, I will get mine tested as well now! :)

Please consider going back on to the nifedipine. The sustained release will help you in the long run, it will take a little time to start working.

You will find that gradually your raynauds will be more manageable but you still need to take the nifedipine even in warmer weather.

ps. Fridges and cold aisles are the bane of our lives! Why can't someone invent a heated fridge?!

leezals in reply to titanicus

Hi titanicus

Thank you for your reply.

I have managed to get an appointment with my GP for this afternoon, originally it was for end of April.

Even though the weather is slightly warmer I am suffering, its ridiculous. People were wearing shorts at the weekend, I had my coat and gloves on :-D

I hate the fridge aisles, we should invent a heated fridge to make our lives and everyone that suffers more bearable :-)

Please let the forum know how you went on.

leezals in reply to titanicus

Yes I will :-)

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