Does anyone with raynauds know how I can keep my legs abit warmer when I go out as the cold seems to affect my legs more, I do get pains in my hands and arms aswel but my legs seem to hurt more I went out Friday night for a few hours kept going in the cold and back in the warm and soon a I got home my legs started killing me even more, I couldn't sleep and was just wondering if anyone has any clues on how to keep them abit warmer. Thanks!

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  • Try wearing thermal long john's or thick wool tights. I have an electric blanket which i turn on for an hour before getting into bed. It keeps me really warm. Wishing you well. Nuala

  • Do you know where I can get them thermal long johns from? Ohright do you that sounds like a good idea think I need to get one of them to keep me warm at night now it's winter as my heating don't work I have to use a fan heater to keep me warm and thanks.

  • I get mine online from Damart, their web address is damart.co.uk They have a really nice selection and they are well made and comfortable.

  • Marks and Spencer's has some good ones too. Also, camping shops have them and they are not all bulky and ugly.

  • asda ave them for 6 quid,, also aldi was selling them vest,,leggins,,gloves,,hats,,boots, brought from germany, which was good price for the make,,x

  • Hello, cold legs are a major problem with me. I wear thermal leggings all year, 2 pairs in winter under wool lined trousers. I like the "heat retaining" ones from

    M&S, not that I find them particularly heat retaining, but they are a good fit, don't go baggy or slide down, They are also quite silky, so easy to pull other layers over. I even wear them at night. I mentioned my cold legs to my consultant, who thought I should see a vascular surgeon, my appointment is on Friday. I saw one about 10 years ago, who just felt the pulses in my feet and said I was OK, so I'm really expecting the same again. I have noticed that when I have my monthly Iloprost, I get the restless legs which many other sufferers have, so I suppose the Iloprost must be having some effect.

  • I picked up some Helly Hansen "Warm" Base Layer leggings from Cotswold Outdoor a couple of weeks ago. They're merino wool and suitable for use to minus 30 degrees. They just look like black leggings and are very comfy :-) ...they were half price as well which is always a bonus!

  • I love my thermal lined jeans from Cabellas.

  • Hi I always wear thick woolly tights, thermal socks and trousers during the coldest months of the year, when I've been out in the cold I usually have a warm bath to relax my muscles and often wear bed socks in bed. I hope this advice helps you as it has me.

  • I also have recently been diagnosed with Raynauds. Like Yorky, my legs and feet are the biggest problem. I am always cold and I live in Hawaii and I use an electric blanket in 80 degree weather. People think I am crazy but it is the only thing that keeps me warm. There are times when I am so cold that every bone in my body aches and nothing seems to help the pain. I went to the grocery store where the air conditioner was set too low tonight and within two minutes the pain was unbearable, I ended up leaving the groceries and since coming home I have been in so much pain. I have a rheumatologist visit on Jan 21st as I have seen a neurologist and she suspects possible lupus and my PCP doctor has run a battery of tests ,all of which came back normal with the exception of a slightly elevated ANA titwr. so I am praying for some answers on how to relieve this problem as it can be debilitating. I saw a post about seeing a vascular specialist and I wanted to know what other vascular issues and symptoms others have had ?I am beginning to think my PCP doctor thinks I am crazy as he prescribed me cymbalta. He said this would help with the pain and anxiety I have been having, but I am hesitant on taking this type of medication due to the serious side effects. Does anyone else take this for raynauds?

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