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Raynauds and scleroderma

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I have been on sick leave from work for 5 months due to raynauds and scleroderma, I have an appointment with my rheumatologist on Thursday at Chapel Allerton do they give sick notes or do I have to go back to my GP I feel like I'm being a nuewsance going to my GP each month and feel so poorly some days that it's like doing a marathon just getting out of bed.

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I think you do have to sick note from gp but dont feel a nuisence, that is what they are there for. You should just be able to ring for one without seeing the doctor if you have had one before.

Thank you I will make an appointment with my GP and discuss if and how I can get a sick note without visiting surgery every month.

Hi hope every thing goes allright for you,,at the hospital

Don't worry about sick notes or being a nuisance.

Scleroderma is a very complicated thing, no 2 people are the same with it, it affects people in different ways and you will have to be patient undergoing lots of tests.

At some point your GP will refer you to a rheumatologist where all these tests will begin. Any information you have, you should write down and relay to your GP/Rheumy as it will help them determine their course of action.

When I first started with Scleroderma I too felt I couldn't get out of bed. This is perfectly natural as extreme fatigue is one of the main characteristics of the disease. It is literally taking one day at a time. Don't forget, Medical staff will help you....not look upon you as a nuisance. Hope this helps,

Take care.

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Thank you I have been to Chapel Allerton and seen a Rheumatologist 3months ago and had tests done !I have an appointment to go back tomorrow I have a list of symptoms that I'm having but feel so tired and confused .

I have been to see rheumatologist today at Chapel Allerton they were very nice asked lots of questions about my symptoms and took bloods.I have now been put on hydroxychloroquine for the pain in my fingers and toes .My next appointment is in 6 months time

I asked about a sick note but they said to see my GP

Your bloods will be analysed, and it may or may not be 6 months before you next see them.

At some point in the near future, your Employers will contact you regarding your current medical situation.

Some 5 years ago, I went to work 9-5 and nearly crippled myself! I would not give in or listen to what my body was screaming at me. This went on for maybe 3 months.

One day I went to work and there were 2 bosses who asked if they could have a quiet word. They said, we have been watching you for the past 3 months and you are not well enough to work. We have a ' duty of care', and you need to sort your health.

All it means is that you will have to adapt to a different way of life.

There are many people on the Raynaud's/ Scleroderma forum, or contact the Association itself, if you have any concerns at all.

Take care.

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Thank you ,I have now been paid all SSP payments that I'm entitled to and my boss has asked me to meet up with him tomorrow I think he will be wanting me to return to work but it is pointless when I do not know how I'm going to feel from one day to the next 😞 .

I would think your boss is aware of the 'Duty of Care' situation, and will offer any help that He can give you.

Things will take their natural course. Don't worry. Take care.

Thanks 😄 I have worked in the licence trade for 39 years and feel like I'm probably better off calling it a day for the sake of my health. It's not the easiest of trades I will keep you updated .

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