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Creaky joints

Hi all, does anyone else with Raynauds & Scleroderma have creaky joints? My knees and my jaw both creak when used, and people can hear it too. My ruematology doctor says it's just cartlidge and due to lack of excerise! Not sure how to expertise my jaw other than eating more! Would cod liver tablets help ? Although I have a delicate stomach so cods oil is not my 1st choice to experiment with.

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Yes - I have Raynauds and scleroderma. Joints are awful, shoulders, elbows, back. Sometimes even my thumb complains. Shoulders are so bad they sometimes give me steroid injections into the joint which helps for a short while. I don't know whether or not cod liver oil would help - as you say, it's so oily it's not a very nice prospect with delicate stomach - I know just what you mean. I couldn't face swallowing it.


My knees make popping sounds when I ride the exercise bike.

I have had synovitis in them (inflammation of the synovial tissue) so I think that is it.

Yeah, funny your doc said to exercise more--start chewing! Sometimes you have to wonder what they are thinking!


Hi there, I have Scerledema and raynauds and polymytosis , yes I'm very creaky, after say about painful joints and crunching Kness, also same with my jaw, when I do my facial exercises it cracks regularly . I was given a bone scan about 3 years ago and found to have osterperosis due to high ,long term use of steroids,chemo drugs and immune suppressants . Now take Androlic tablets, 1 weekly ( calcium) and vitamin D twice Dailey to help body absorb the calcium. Would be worth mentioning as I should have been put on then earlier and then wouldn't have caused the damage it has . Good luck .


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