I started Yoga about three weeks before Xmas but on the last week my knee started hurting and it has not gone away. It keeps me awake at night and sometimes it is painful to walk. I have stopped the Yoga until see my Rheumatologist in a couple of weeks. I was told to keep going but to adapt positions so that it wouldn't hurt but I thought it must be get advice first. Does anyone else do Yoga? I have limited Scleroderma.

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  • Hi Leenie........I also have problems with my left knee and I wake with the pain....I was recently was reviewed and given a diagnosis of oesteoarthritis in my knees to add to my long list of complaints.......I have never tried Yoga......although I try to keep myself supple with gentle swimming and exercises directed by my physiotherapist..........take care x

  • Thanks for that. I have never found a pool warm enough to go swimming but will hold off doing Yoga for the moment.


  • I would hold off on the yoga,maybe try Tia chi it is calming and very slow paced but exercise specialist still say you get lots of benefits. You will still get the calming meditative feel you might get from Yoga.

  • Hello - I have osteoarthritis and arthrilgia in joints and I run 3 times a week and walk every day with the dog. Furthest I do is half marathon. I find that the pain eases after excercie due to improved circulation and the bodies natural pain killers kicking in. Rheumy told me not to stop running either otherwise the disease with kick in faster.

  • I have Limited Scleroderma & also suffer with arthritis in my knees, hips & also spine but I do Tai Chi which I enjoy doing & it certainly keeps me more supple & moving. I had physio due to my spinal problems (also major surgery) & the therapist was quite happy for me to continue doing it. However if any joint is playing up really badly I was told to rest it for a few weeks & then gradually build up again.

  • I also have Scleroderma and Raynauds, however, I've been practicing Yoga long before being diagnosed, and it has truly helped to sooth my aches and pains at different points. I have discomfort from time to time, and fibrosis attacks arouse, but I am able to push through these episodes rather well. - It pays to listen to your body though; every one is different, recovery periods vary from person-to-person. There's different levels of Yoga and one still must be careful with applying the stretch / the poses accordingly to their ability without injury - and slow movements with caution to jerking will help to avoid injury. If you really want to continue practicing Yoga, please ease back into it, take your time and listen to your body. Being calm and relaxed prior to your sessions will also help. You are in my prayers, Leenie.

  • Thanks very much for that answer. Take care.

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