Sore red bumps on fingers and finger joints, reynauds related?

I've got small red bumps over my fingers (about 8 across both hands), they're not itchy but they are sore, they aren't in clusters and are mainly on my fingers tips/finger joints, they are slightly hard like a blister but don't have any liquid in them.

I've had them a few times in the past and they've gone away after a few days, but this time there's more and they're popping up quicker than normal.

I have been diagnosed with reynauds and an undifferentiated connective tissue disorder in the past and am still under investigation for a few other rheumatologicsal related issues, does anyone know if it's related to this or is it something else entirely?

My reynauds is particularly bad at the moment due to the cold and the stress of dealing with work and my health issues.

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  • Dear Lauren1987

    Yes I have Raynauds I also get those bumps on my fingers tips. The only difference is mine itch very bad. They come out when it is cold and I'm under stress. I try not to mess with them and they are generally gone the next day. I also get very hard skin on my finger tips. It makes the tips very sensitive if I should hit it on something the pain is excruciating. I'm sorry I dont know of any remedy other than not messing with them. I hope this helps a little.


  • Thanks! It helps knowing that it's linked to reynauds and not another thing to worry about!

  • Also merry Christmas :)

  • Thanks and a Very Merry Christmas to you and your Family ☺

  • My daughter has Raynauds. The red, itchy bumps, blisters she gets are called pernio or chilblains. It's a reaction to the cold and are suppose to last a few days to weeks. Once my daughter gets them, they last until the weather warms up.

  • Just googled it and that looks spot on!!!

    Thanks you've saved me a trip to the doctors and put my mind at ease! Had a feeling it was linked to reynauds as I don't really have any skin conditions that relate.

    Merry Christmas :)

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