Does anyone have a painful thumb joint and are there any exercises that would help?

My right thumb joint is very painful and I am right handed. It effects the strength of my grip. I drop things all the time. Anything that requires pushing/pressing, the pain shoots through the thumb joint. The tea splashes all over the place whenever trying to carry cups. Good job I don't work in a cafe! and thank goodness for wooden floors.

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  • I get calcium deposits on my joints in my hands, which are painful and make it difficult to pick up or hold things. Otherwise the tightening on my skin has made both of my hands terrible, no strength in my grip and painful cramping all the time.

  • See if you can get yourself referred to a Chartered Physiotherapist who will assess your problem and will teach you the right exercises to be doing and how best to relieve the pain you are getting.Then also see an Occupational Therapist who will advise you about different gadgets you can use that will reduce the strain on your thumb so that you aren't aggravating the pain as much. These two professionals in combination should sort you out. They may also make you a thumb splint to support your thumb, if that's needed. Ideally they will work together in a hand clinic (but unfortunately not everywhere has access to one of these clinics).

  • Oh yes! The pain in my right thumb joint is excrutiating sometimes. I find Ibuprofen gel helps a little, but if I am cooking I can't put it on my hand, obviously. I do have a thumb splint, but sometimes keeping it immobile makes it more painful. I have had cortisone injections in it, but the last two haven't worked and the rheumatologist mentioned me having a scan to see what's going on. I also have trouble gripping and lifting. Glad I am not on my own with this. Have seen an OT as well who has been very helpful.

  • thanks for everyones replies. Much appreciated and will take advice onboard

  • I support the replies you have received.


    This leaflet from the Scleroderma Society shows finger and finger joint exercises

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