this may seem a daft question! but can any one tell me if they get ulcers on there elbows . i have limited scleroderma and raynauds in my hands feet nose ears etc ,but" i have what looks like an ulcer on the tip of my elbow and it is also infected and painful , i have had them on my fingers and it looks the same. i havent been to the doctors about it i am useing tea tree on it . can any one please help with any suggestions thank you lyn

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  • I don't see why you should not have an ulcer on your elbow, but if it is painful AND infected it should be seen to by a doctor. You don't tell us what treatment you receive and whether you get Iloprost. It seems to me that you need it and antibiotics. Our ulcers, as you must know, do not heal on their own. They need help.

  • Thank you for your reply zenabb, no i haven't had lloprost treatment or had it mentioned to me by my rheumatoid dr . i take addalat for my raynauds and don't like it very much 20 mg three times daily . i will go and see my gp about my elbow as it is still very sore . once again thank you best wishes lyn

  • Why don't you like Adalat which is niphedipine the standard treatment for Raynaud's. Perhaps you need a one a day dose enteric coated not to upset your stomach. Iloprost is also the standard treatment for Raynaud's especially if you are prone to ulcers. Good luck.

  • Hi Zenabb , the niphedipine have always made me feel ill , i have not heard of the enteric until now . they make me feel dizzy and light headed , lloprost hasn't been mentioned before i didn't know about it until i read about it on hear . thank you for your reply ,ps could you please tell me more about lloprost treatment thanks lyn

  • Iloprost is an intravenous infusion that dialates all your blood vessels includig in the head; that's why some people get a headache while it's going on. It lowers the blood pressure and that is why you have to get it in hospital where you are supervised. I have mine everyday for 3 days for 6 hours each time. Other people have it more days. By dialating your blood vessels it makes you feel warmer, and allows the blood as far as possible to do its job in the extremities and heal ulcers.

  • Thank you for your reply , i will ask when i go to clinic about this as the tablets do not work as well as they used to . best wishes lyn

  • I wont use Nifedipine as I read of some adverse side effects once. Do you think the ulcers are circulatory related or to do with the scleroderma? I have knuckles that for years have looked as though I've punched brick walls with them, and that's due to the over production and thickening of the skin, it never gets infected but is sometimes sore if I don't keep them lubricated, same applies to my elbows and knees.You must get a course of antibotics if they are infected?.x

  • Sandramarie, Are you sure about not using Nifedipine? All drugs have side effects.

  • Hi Sandramarie thanks for your reply , if i don't take the nifedipine my ulcers would be a lot worse , they do help with them , i don't get them as bad as before i started the tablets . so! i shouldn't moan about them for that resin . the skin thickening isn't very pleasant to look at is it . i use moisturizer from head to foot every day and have now made an appointment with GP. all best wishes lyn

  • I think the whole horrid journey is one of trial and error, very best wishes to you too! SandraMariex

  • I have an elbow ulcer about the size of a 1p coin, through which... (I won't go into details). My GP surgery has advised applying Mepilex dressings (via prescription; £7.65 for ten) and Activon manuka honey dressing as an antiseptic (I buy it at Boots for £3.50). This seems to have stabilised the problem, but it has not gone away, nor do I yet see how it will do, as the cutaneous matter has retreated in a circle from the point of my elbow. The answer is likely to lie in boosting blood flow to the area. I had this problem three years ago, only the ulcer was much smaller then, and it went away after I accidentally banged it and made it bleed. The damage seems to have set in motion a healing system based around blood flow to the cutaneous layers around the affected place. Before that happened the whole area was stiff, hot and very painful. I am currently waiting to see a dermatologist at the hospital, and await their comments with interest. Meanwhile I am boosting my overall immunity through homoepathic treatment.

  • Hi Tim , i went to see my GP and he told me it looked like a pressure sore , he gave me the same cream as i have had for finger ulcers and it worked . not sure about the pressure sore though . best wishes Lyn

  • What was the name of the cream, Lyn?

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