Scar tissue from healing digital ulcers

Hi all

I just wondered if anyone had any useful advice on how to deal with scar tissue left from healing ulcers. They take months to heal, and leave yellowish scar tissue, like a scab, which again takes ages to come off, only to be replaced by another one! It can be pretty sore at this stage too. I keep my hands moisturised and always wear nitrile gloves if they're going to get wet, but haven't quite solved this one.



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  • Hi Lindyanne - I had similar on my toes & podiatrist recommended Friars Balsam . Swab each sore with balsam & then apply a sprinkling of talcum or cornflour to stop 'tackiness'. Twice a day. Suggest you wear gloves as balsam can stain - maybe thin silicone ones & then what you need to keep warm. I didn't know but apparently it an antiseptic that comes from the sap of an oriental tree (like a myrrh) . If itches bad try Eurax cream - good for chicken pox scabsxas well.

    Hope this helps. Good luck

  • Thanks Pinkdorf will definitely give that a try. Love the smell of Friars Balsam too so sounds good to me!

    Take care


  • Hi Lyndyanne

    If you want to avoid getting the ulcers in the first place start using corpitol emulsion.

    You get it online from amazon or Spanish pharmacy websites. You need to use it every day for approx 8 weeks but since I started using it in January no further ulcers!!

    Good luck.


  • Hi Kim

    Thanks so much for your reply, I'll get some corpitol emulsion asap and give it a try. Great tip, thanks so much


  • You are very welcome. I would say good luck but I am absolutely certain it will help you so no luck needed!!


  • Hi Lyndyanne, I had ulcers 5 of my fingers about 4 years ago and they are still pitted and sensitive , but never ever want them again. Have you heard about Iloprost infusion ? I am having mine at the end of this month. It's a 5 day , 6 hours a day infusion . My rhumy doc doc prescribed when I Last had ulcers and I have to say I've not had one since although it doesn't stop attacks and my fingers are far from good. I have once a year when it's starts to get colder, you can have it more than once a year , as needed I think . Hope this helps 😀

  • Hi Suzyannayoung

    Thanks so much for your reply, yes I have iloprost infusions two or three times a year and it does really help, the circulation in my legs has been better and the ulcers have been more controlled. As you say it doesn't stop the attacks but I think it reduces the severity of them . It's a real challenge isn't it?! Keeping active is the best thing to keep the blood pumping away nicely but the fatigue can hit like a brick wall sometimes.

    Thanks for responding, take care


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