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Digital Ulcers

Any advice on my annoying digital ulcers please. I have had three lots of antibiotics and still no improvement. I've had them before and I know they take a long time to heal but getting really fed up with one that's really sore and painful. Don't think I've had one this bad before. Don't particularly want to get more antibiotics as they don't make me feel too good anyway. Thanks.

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When mine were really bad they put me on intravenous anti-b's and was in hospital for a fortnight. The IV anti-b's worked though where oral rounds wee just making me more and more immune to them :(

If I were you I'd discuss this option with your doctor, I know the thought of a week or more in hospital is daunting especially when you've got obligations/kids to look after. It does however usually sort out the worst of the ulcers. I'm sure being inactive helps too as when you're getting on with life you are sure to knock, bang and scrape each ulcer.

Hope u get relief soon,



Thanks Charlie, thought that may be an option. Will speak to my GP.



I find that for the antibiotics to work I have to be given a large dose for at least 3 weeks.


Are you on sildenafil or anything else to help your circulation? Healing can only occur if sufficient blood is getting to the area, both to bring oxygen and white blood cells and the antibiotics. If you can get them healed it should also help prevent re-occurrence. I think only those of us who suffer them know how painful these are and I for one never realised how often ~ I just knock my hands until having an ulcer on the end magnifies every tap and touch! Hope they get better soon.


Thanks for replying. I am on losartan and fluoxetine both to help my circulation. Have had three recently, one healed, one almost there and one really stubborn and painful. Fed up with antibiotics, had a swab done and the recommended one didn't work, so will probably have to try again.


Hi there, the pain is unbearable I know. Do you have a iloprost infusion at all ? I usually have once or twice a year. Although it doesn't stop my raynauds attacks and still pitted fingers I have never had as bad as pre iloprost. I tried everything for my ulcers , I took tramodaol and sleeping tablets but didn't help at night. I hope this is helpful.


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