Hidden Ulcers

I got out of the bath this morning and started to cut my toenails , everything was going fine ( my feet are still purple despite the warmer weather ) I have a few dry ulcers on my big toes and 1 large one on the ball of my left foot ....anyway I was cutting my toenails and must have had a dry ulcer underneath one of them that I hadn't been aware of .My bathroom floor looked like a scene out of a horror movie ...blood EVERYWHERE ,my toe is still bleeding an hour later I have dressed it , but if it doesn't stop bleeding soon , I see a visit to the GP in my future !

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  • What do they look like?

  • You should go to a podiatrist to have your nails cut.

  • i too have sd, crest. have alot of ulcers. lumps everywhere. now i am dealing with large lump in forarm, it hurts to bend arm. i have lumps of calium on feet, hands, arms knees. aparently the mess is in all tendons , muscles. i deal with so much pain. what meds do they have you on. im on pain meds, helps some. im afraid i will have to do surgery on arm. if i do i know the mess grows back. love to talk, god bless. belle

  • Hi belle , as far as I know I only actually have raynauds :S.I do have calcium deposits on my feet which make it quite uncomfortable to walk at times .The summer is here and I'd love to put on my sandals , but can't because my feet are still black and blue , looks like I've been run over by a train lol , anyway I'm off to see my GP next week as I've got a few problems with my lungs , maybe I should ask them to run other tests .I have noticed that my fingernails have started crumbling right at the cuticle , not sure if this is anything to do with the Raynauds or if it needs investigation ...only one way to find out though GP here I come .

  • thanks for message. im up so early, wake up with much pain. pill time, i hate taking any but cant function and do even little things, god bless

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