Does this sound like Raynaud's?

When I'm out in cold temperatures my fingers go cold and numb, they go from purple and change to red and kind of tingle when they change to red, I know that me having this as a male is extremely uncommon, but I'm definitely sure that I have it, even when wearing gloves it doesn't help and they are still affected when I am wearing them.

I know that it's August now, but I was just curious, should I make a doctor's appointment in the near future.

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  • Yes make that appointment. Deffo sounds like raynauds. That's just how I started with it 13 yrs bk

  • My raynaud's started very similar to this. I use to suffer with it in one finger at a time, I literally felt sick as my fingers warmed back up.

    Now 7 years on its my whole hands and feet that turn deathly white, thankfully I don't get the sick feeling though.

    For me it isn't just cold weather :-( The summer nights as lovely as they are you always find me with a cardigan on whilst everyone else is in t shirts. In anything less than a cardigan I am cold. I even pack accordingly for my summer holidays because I know as soon as the sun sets my frozen backside will kick in :-(

    Good luck with the appointment


  • It definitely sounds like it could be Raynaud's. Make that appointment :-)

  • I'm male and was diagnosed with Raynaud's 8 yrs. ago. It's definitely worth getting a diagnosis a.s.a.p. as my G.P. first thought I had a blood clot which can show similar symptoms.

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