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Raynaud's and Hives?


I was diagnosed with Raynaud's 7 years ago and was prescribed nifidipene. I stopped taking it once my symptoms had subsided and I stopped getting the excruciating pains in my fingers.

I returned to doctor in March because I was feeling the cold and my hands were suffering again. I have had blood tests done including anti nuclear ones and these came back marked as no further action required. I started again on the nifidipene and they are starting to help now.

Does anyone know if Hives is related to the disease? I have been itching over a year now on a regular basis and take antihistamines every other day. The area ends up red with white wheals and started to occur more frequently at night resulting in a sleepless night for me. If my partner gives me a cuddle, it brings up a rash on my neck instantly.

I spoke to a nurse when it first happened last year, all she said was had I changed wash powder etc etc.

Am sorry for the long post, its really starting to get me down now and I know being tired isnt helping that.

Lisa Xx

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I did get this in the early days before diagnosis along with severe itching, I take cetirizine every day


Hi lollipop

Can in get cetirizine over counter or is it prescribed by doctor? Is your Raynaud's linked to something else or primary?

Thanks for your reply :-)


Hi Leezals, stopping on your nifidipine is a bad plan, you should still take it come rain,sun, or snow. The warmer weather in some ways is actually worse than winter. This explains your severe itchiness, it's because of the heat.

At this time of year I will soak a flannel in COLD water, leave it to rest for a minute, and then apply the flannel to the appropriate areas where the itching is worse.

Then repeat as needed and you may find that the symptoms subside. Damp flannels at this time of year can do wonders. Take care.


Hi titanicus, thank you for your reply.

I will give damp flannels a try, it drives me mad when it starts and its so uncomfortable.

Do you mind me asking if yours is primary raynaud's? My ana results came back negative for any other associated diseases but I am worried it's more than primary. Take care too


I have had Raynaud's for the past 17 years or so, this progressed to include Scleroderma a couple of years ago. If your ana came back negative, there is no need to worry.

It is so easy to begin worrying about things, if you keep your GP updated regularly you can ease your worries. Worry is the enemy.

As I said, use your trusty damp, cold flannel. This will ease the itchiness and prevent scratching. Scratching or rubbing is the worst thing you can do.

Hope this helps.


I've had 2 bouts of hives in the past 9 months, my face is a mess & making me feel depressed. Had numerous tests, apparently negative. Thought I had lupus earlier on this year as I was so ill. I'm dreading winter, raynauds, hyperhidrosis & possibility of another horrendous dose of hives for 6 months like last winter....


Hi Connie 75

I had a dermatologist appointment in Feb this year and was diagnosed with physical urticaria basically hives flared up from pressure, be it from a watch strap or carrying bags on my arms. I now take 180mg antihistamines twice a day although it doesn't always work and some days I take 3 of the big hitters as I call them. Am back there in November for a review. Ray's does get you down, am constantly cold all the time and like you am not looking forward to the coming months. Stay warm Xx


Hi Lisa, I've just been diagnosed with Hypothyroid (Raynauds, itching, hives, horrendous facial swelling, hair loss, sweating etc etc). Ask for full thyroid tests. Check out Thyroid UK & HypothyroidMom for info on what to tell GP to do(mine didn't have a clue!!!) good luck x


Hi Connie. I hope now you have a diagnosis they can treat you accordingly and get things under control for you :)

My appt in November, the dermo changed my meds and now a combination of 3 tablets still isn't working! I contacted my GP before Christmas and asked for them run bloods, I have appointment on 11th Jan and I did ask for thyroid to be checked. I suffer with most of what you have mentioned although not face swelling. I will check out the website and make sure I am fully armed with info for the GP. Thanks for that, will let you know how things go.

Take care Xx


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