Does anyone with Raynaud's have finger tips like this?

Does anyone with Raynaud's have finger tips like this?


Just looking for advice - my fingertips started turning purple in cold temperatures five years ago ( they first turn a pale waxy colour). My GP sent me to a rheumatologist who asked me to describe the colour changes and was quite adamant that what I was describing wasn't Raynaud's apparently because the whole process begins as a mottling of blue/purple/pale and salmon and then settles into a more definite blue or purple. The picture below shows my fingers after five minutes without gloves in winter . in the summer my palms burn and turn uniformly bright red and this turns out to be erythromelagia. Does anyone with Raynaud's have fingertips like this? Many thanks for reading.

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  • As the pic is a bit blurry I can't quite make out the colour. But what I will say is that not all raynauds sufferers experience the same colour changes anyway.

    Unfortunately I've got to shoot off just now, but more ppl will be along to offer advice.

  • I have reyneaud ..your finger tips are identical to mine!!..ive had it for 6/7 years..just a month ago when the cold starts settling in index or middle finger ulcerated..i nursed it to no avail..i went to the drs she gave me a low dose bp to start taking right away..the pharmacist who filled the prescription also has reyneaud..She said i can't believe your dr.waited till it came to this before she gave you this prescription..!!..i wear gloves all the time now..cant pick up a cold glass ..or touch anything metal or cold..I guess my core body heat is off now..and an ice cream gave me hypothermia..So you have to keep warm all niece 15 had to go on a vasculator for the same reason.I have 4 brothers and 2 of them have reyneaud..So go to someone who knows about reyneaud..because when i feared losing my finger..its scary..i cannot play my guitar anymore..and it has left nerve endings in my fingers very bothers them now too .So gloves it is and im looking forward to going to vegas in january..2017..Look after yourself..hope this helps you..

  • Thanks for your reply and advice, I appreciate it. Can't understand why the rheumatologist refuses to accept purple fingertips as Raynauds. John Hopkins' rheumatology department state either blue or purple fingertips qualify and their department is consistently ranked no. 1 in US. Back to GP I guess.

  • Hi. My fingers and hands turn blue like yours, and I have been told that I do have Raynaud's. It's not going to get better but, you can buy special thermal gloves. Or ask your GP to refer you to the Occupational therapist, who might give you the gloves! I hope this will help you.


  • Thanks very much for your reply, back to GP. The fingertips are surprisingly painful, I will find the special gloves.

  • Hello Scramwag It looks like Raynauds to me. Mine are like this too. I have had this for most of my life about 30 years. It as know developed into Scleroderma the last four years. Please keep your hands warm as possible during the winter months. If you have not been to the doctors please go and see if they can recommend the correct treatment for you.

    there will be lots of great advice on here.

    take care


  • Thanks Kingfisher, I have the 'parrot beak' nail deformity of scleroderma and abnormal nail fold capillaries. You would think that rheumatologists would have a better grasp of what is and what isn't Raynaud's phenomenon in view of the nastiness it may herald. Off to argue the toss with GP. Will take better care of hands in the meantime.

  • Hi Scramwag

    I get the finger thing - mine go through a multitude of colours. Last winter I was so desperate II forked out nearly £50 for sheep skin fur lined gloves and they have no more effect than cheap acrylic ones.

    My rheumatology department recommended a little gizmo called a Hotrox which is charged up via a USB in my computer. Its very tactile, fits in the palm of the hand, and is soooooo beautifully warming. Worth a try, I love mine. Google Hotrox - you can get them on Amazon and dedicated Raynaud's websites. They might even mention them here - I'm new so haven't explored properly yet.

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