Good and bad news all in the space of 2 hours

Yesterday at 15:21 I received the good news that I have been accepted under the "Access to work" scheme to be able to get a taxi to and from work, which will make one hell of a difference to my quality of life. At the moment it takes me 2 buses and 2 hours to get to work and in the winter months it can be very painful bringing on Raynauds attacks and making all my joints hurt. Getting a taxi will take 20 minutes door to door :). Then at 16:30 (after an urgent re-call back to the GP), I was told that I have an enlarged liver and spleen. The doctor thinks it could either be a viral infection, medication related (I have in the last 2 months had my Pantaprozole, for acid reflux increased to 40mg twice a day), gallstones, or a lymphoma. I have got to have more blood tests done on Monday morning and be referred to the Haemotology department at the hospital. So in the space of 2 hours I went from being Happy, Happy, Happy, to feeling very anxious with all sorts of different scenarios going though my head. I normally cope with things in a positive way, but somehow this has got to me. I live on my own and don't have many people that would really understand what I am going through, hence to reason for my thoughts being posted here. Thanks for listening, have a good weekend everyone xx

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  • I hope that your news gets better. A couple of years ago I suddenly had very high liver bloods. My GP thought in terms of cancer but I was fortunate and a small day surgery and all was fine. I hope that your problem is able to be attended quickly and successfully too! I do have a 'Pollyanna' way of looking at things. It drives some friends crazy! Blessings.

  • Thank you adleybra. I know you shouldn't wish your life away, but I do wish Monday would hurry up so I know what the outcome is xx

  • Bless you we are all with you and it is good we can support eachother whether raynauds erythromelgia or scleroderma we are on this site for that very reason and there is no judgement I find you can learn a lot from this site and from eachother

  • Thank you for your kind words Britty. I am feeling more positive today. Take care xx

  • Thinking of you hope all goes well for you God Bless

  • At least your GP has spotted it and will deal with it. Be pleased. Be happy.

  • Good day to you.

    Hope that you have been comforted somewhat from all the kind reponses on this forum. The good thing is that you have a diagnosis and will receive the appropriate treatment. I feel in my heart that all will be well with you very soon.

    It is hard not to worry when all alone. I am on my own too but my Faith keeps me comforted. I also have some great friends and family, they live far away but they're there for me when I feel afraid or depressed.

    This forum is like the extented family. I wish you all the best for a speedy recovery from your recent condition. Please keep in touch and let us know how you're getting on. We'll be thinking of you.


  • Sorry your going thought all of this but, you need to hold on to all that positivity. That is our strength at times like this, that get use though our days. Just surround yourself with good and it will all work out. I will say a prayer for you. Good Luck!

  • Bless you your not alone we are all here for eachother x

  • Hi There 0411tm: As mentioned earlier, we are here for you. Glad you have been approved for the improved commute to work. I have been praying for your medical visits and any updated tests to reflect improvements also. It sounds like your doctor is carrying and being proactive to your condition. You are in my constant/sincere prayers.

  • Update so far: More blood tests done. Narrowed down to infection or lymphoma. Having bone blood test done next week. Thank you all for your kind comments and prayers x

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