just got my copy of the latest 'hot news'

feeling silly cause i got it late due to forgetting to send in my sub to the R & S assoc. really upset me cause ever since joining last year the issues have been fantastic. i've put a note on my calendar so i don't forget my sub next time!

well, this issue is just as grrrrrreat as the previous ones. i am so glad to have it!

the article on digital ulcers answers all my questions and more (especially about osteomyelitis and flucloxacillin: i've just come through 5 months treatment! fingers crossed my osteom is gone....

prof denton's Q & A is incredibly helpful: every single ? gave me info i need. i feel much better informed now on things that really matter to me, like ....nonsymmetrical symptoms in my hands & feet need to be brought to my specialist's attention e.g. like pins & needles how my erythromelalgia & raynauds connect...why i have always had so much upper GI trouble and how the meds i've been prescribed try to help with this

and Janette Bond's story helps me a lot to come to terms with my own experiences.....

so, just want to say thanks again to the team who put the issues together, including all those who contribute pieces: it's a lot of work and seems to me you're doing a wonderful job! i get several organisation's mags, and 'hot news' is still the best of all

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  • I also forgot to renew my sub and only got my mag last week as well. I agree with you, the magazine is great. The personal stories are always so touching and the people so courageous. It makes me feel very humble whenever i read them. Thanks to all the people who have put in the hard work to make it possible. Look forward to the next issue.

  • I open it as soon as I receive it. It's very good. We should all contribute to the million.

  • What is "hot news"?

  • Hi

    Hot news is the publication members of the raynauds & scleroderma association receive several times a year. The association is also behind this forum we're on now via healthunlocked.

  • Hello Bigi, Hot News is the magazine from the Raynaud's and scleroderma association here in the uk. If you join the association, they send you out the magazine.

  • Thanks to everyone for their kind comments about Hot News - we're glad you enjoy reading it. If anyone would like to contribute a case study or suggest an idea for an article, we are always looking for ideas. Everyone's experience of Raynaud's and/or scleroderma is different so it's always good to tell as many stories as we can. Any suggestions can be sent to hannah@raynauds.org.uk.

    Thanks, Hannah

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