Magnesium Oil

Maybe some of you have discovered this already, but it was new to me.

Even in the summer, my feet are still freezing with the air conditioning everywhere. I get leg foot and legs cramps mostly in the middle of the night. I started using magnesium oil before I go to bed and the leg cramps have subsided and best of all my feet are warm when I wake up in the morning. We'll see how much it helps in the dead of winter, but it certainly a step in the right direction with no drugs involved. I use Life Pro Pure Magnesium Oil, but I suppose any brand will do. It leaves a somewhat tacky feel on the skin( it is really not an oil, but magnesium chloride). Massage it in and leave it on for a while so it will absorb into your skin, then rinse it off if you don't like the residue it leaves. Hope it helps.


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  • Hi Faith,

    I also have discovered magnesium oil.and use it mainly to help with sleep problems, also aches and pains if I've been overdoing The brand I use is Better You and does not leave too much of a residue I'll have a look at Pro Pure anyway as I think one can get resistant to always using the same. Wonderful product anyway!

  • Hi Foxglove,

    Where do you apply it when used for sleep problems?

  • Hi faith89,

    Recommended apply where skin is thinnest (so that it is absorbed easily) - usually inside of thighs or top of chest also inside of arms. If you decide to five it a go I'd be interested to know how you get on

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