Anyone have symptoms like these?

Anyone have symptoms like these?

I've had Raynauds for 14 years now....but I've developed a new set of symptoms, and I'm not sure if they are related.  I've had some permanent numbness to some of my fingers for several years now.  Recently, I've developed what look almost like "blisters" under the skin, which then turn very hard (so much so that it begins to cut off circulation in my fingertips) before finally peeling off and starting the process over again.  Sometimes the skin splits and bleeds, simply because it is so tight and won't move with my fingers.  There's very little to no pain, but I think that is mostly because the fingers are pretty much numb.  I keep it slathered in cream and oil.  It started on one finger, and now has spread to three.  All my other finger tips are completely normal.

I've heard of localized Scleroderma and wondered if that might be it, but it doesn't seem like it comes and goes like this, or that there are red  areas.  Has anyone had symptoms similar to these?  I would be so grateful to know.  Appointments for a rheumatologist are at least two months out in my neck of the woods.

Thank you!

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  • In my experience things go in cycles, they come and go but slowly.

  • Thanks, that's helpful to know.  Every time it goes away I think that perhaps it won't come back :-)

  • I have Same problems and also burning on finger with ulcers and get cramps on my fingers ! I ask my Gp they just got good exudes I'm getting this problem be coz off ( I got scleroderma with raynode ! ) so GP can proscribed wot scleroderma raynode doctor prescribed ! In finger ulcers My GP was prescribed antibiotics every 3 weeks ! Then some weeks gaps but It's not help at all. So just survived with so many Paine ! So I hope no one minds on my all words. Thanks.

  • I had similar with my fingers going black and bursting at the tip...was sent into hospital and was put onto an infusion for 3 days to allow the circulation to reach my fingertips which worked and not had problems with turning black and bursting now...just purple and numb when cold....nowhere near as bad as they were. Have to take blood thinners too every day to help prevent this happening again. Hope this helps.x

  • Thanks for the info.  Thankfully I've had no black yet....but I don't want to let it get to that point either if it can be avoided

  • No problem! I was afraid of gangrene and so was my doctor when I went to see him and he sent me to hospital immediately -so glad he did! Hope you get something to help you soon.x

  • @discontent  Hello:  I have similar prob;em on right-middle digit, except my finger is infected to the bone now.  Months of questionable diagnosis, to finally say it is a form of Raynauds, but it starts with an "O".  Have not been able to retain this condition in my brain, as the finger is half gone, fleshy like raw meat, and constantly pains me to my core.  Until this finger heals, I will not be able to retain the so-called diagnosis  that they finally came up with after 3 different diagnosises.   So, continue with your treatments, whatever is comfortable for you, and strive to heal.  Much faith.

  • Ouch. That does sound horrible. The first two fingers on my right hand have what I call crusty skin.....very hard and crumbly.....but not bleeding or raw. Also, I get lumps of Calcium deposits peeping through my skin. Very unsightly and hurt a bit when about to pop out. Not very nice......but not as bad as yours sounds. Grrrrr! I hope that you can find a cream to ease this..... Have heard that some people use wax hand baths to treat immensely dry itchy hands? It MAY be useful to investigate this option? Fran xxx

  • Thanks, I'll look into a wax bath....what do the calcium deposits look like? I don't have any pain; though it seems that I should, but the fingers are pretty numb at these point

  • Appear on the surface as little white dot.

    Under the skin a lump or small hard mass.

    Feels very tight and burnt, hot and itchy.

  • That must be so painful, my nurse suggested that I got a wax bath for my hands, she said she was sure I would find it beneficial. I feel that anything is worth a go!!

    Good luck xx

  • So do I. Also, I think Beauty Shops have them

    to nourish tired old hands.....sounds like a treat!

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